The Petrobras scandal is one of the largest corruption of the economic Affairs of history. Employees of the Brazilian Oil giant (annual turnover of 150 billion dollars) are assumed to have demonstrably years of facilitation payments and corporate leaking for orders. It comes to billions of dollars. The former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva had to be discontinued has been to prison because of it, his successor Dilma Rousseff.

Now, the Petrobras scandal from the financial expands on the commodity space. The Swiss Federal investigating attorney, whether or not Glencore, Vitol or Trafigura are involved in the Petrobras scandal. The office of the attorney General had been asked by Brazilian authorities for assistance, said on Monday a spokesman told the Reuters news Agency. You have to get between June 2018 and January 2019 requests for “mutual legal assistance”. On demand, the speaker said that the support “for two of the three above-mentioned companies, as well as several individuals” had been requested. Names were not called.

The news could have a greater impact for Switzerland as a business location. The three raw material companies, namely the three with the highest turnover companies in the Switzerland! Glencore, based in Baar ZG made in 2017 202 billion in revenue, that was generated more than Nestlé, Roche and Novartis. Behind Vitol (2017: 178 billion Swiss francs in sales), the group has its seats in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Geneva. Also in Geneva, Trafigura (2017: 136 billion Swiss francs turnover) is a resident, other main locations are Amsterdam, London and Singapore. In addition, Trafigura has, together with the Angolan Sonangol Holdings, the owner of Puma Energy, based in Geneva.

“Swiss corruption measures are not effective,”

last year, organisations, Glencore and Trafigura have not accused the government to be in the slush Fund affair involved. The former conclusion of the NGOs: a Total of show “Lava Jato”, such as the Petrobras affair, also called, for example, the important role of the financial and commodity Switzerland’s place in the TRANS-national corruption. The same Horn, the OECD blew about a year ago, when she said about the fight against corruption in Switzerland, that “the measures adopted are effective, proportionate and non-deterrent”. The Swiss commodity trading, it was at the time of the recommendation, it “a reasonable and binding regulation”.

Last December, the three companies, along with others, finally, of the Brazilian justice accused of Petrobras employees at least 31 million dollars in bribes over six years were paid. Vitol and Glencore have already said, with the Brazilian authorities to cooperate. Trafigura said they take the allegations seriously. So far, the companies provided always that there is no evidence of misconduct. Trafigura takes the position, not even indirectly, with Petrobras had contact. Glencore and Vitol to gifts, to with men in Brazil.

as early as 2016, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor announced an investigation against Trafigura and possible involvement in the Petrobras affair opened. On the status of the investigation yesterday, there was no news.

The Federal Prosecutor’s office has set up a task force and, so far, over 40 Swiss banks and around 1000 banking relationships. A billion francs has been blocked, more than 100 criminal cases were opened, over 50 legal assistance in editing and execution. The financial market Supervisory authority (Finma) at the same time resulted in around a dozen banks clarifications and against four to a method opened. The proceedings against BSI, PKB Bank in Lugano, to Banque Heritage has been completed, Finma, in part, criminal payments were due. In addition, the name of the J. Safra Sarasin, HSBC, Lombard Odier, Pictet, Cramer’s, and Julius Baer has been in the context of the Petrobras affair. For these and other financial institutions, the scandal is not likely to be completed for a long time.

Fruitful partnership Brazil-Switzerland

it is certain that the cooperation of Brazil and Switzerland, worked in the last few years. Thus, in the framework of the Petrobras affair the mixed group SA, Odebrecht found guilty, in twelve countries of up to 785 million U.S. dollars in bribes paid in exchange for public works contracts. Odebrecht has been sentenced to a penalty of $ 3.6 billion, but could only pay 2.4 billion dollars.

The majority of the funding went to Brazil, behind Switzerland, with 116 million francs. Because another Brazilian company, Braskem, is implicated in the corruption scandal, and a penalty had to pay, the Confederation of these two processes over 200 million dollars. For comparison: In the year 2016, the Federal government has legal profession a total of only around 20 million Swiss francs collected.

The Brazilian authorities and commodity companies have not expressed previously to the statements of the Federal Prosecutor’s office.