you Will now be green or not? The results of the FDP-climate survey are contradictory. Not a few sneer at that the free sense, with the new Eco-friendly Image has one thing in mind: in an election year on the green wave jump.

This opinion is also SRF-Comedian Dominic Deville (44). In his Late-Night Show, he switched about a survey on the Website of Declared sense: “to help the FDP in terms of climate to the jumps”.

“The big Gössi-Report”

Three weeks and 3434 participants later Deville recently presented the results of the “big Gössi Report,” he said. With little positive results, which is not surprising in view of the question, but also.

On the question, “What is the FDP for the climate in your opinion?” had participants pray the choice between “If you continue like that”, “Less” hot air “ejection” and “I Was elected, or you?” On the question of “Where the FDP has failed?” were the possible answers “Yes”, “Where?” and “in Bern”.

FDP-Chef brings to the counter-attack from

to foam, but Instead of in anger or to ignore the Whole thing, took advantage of FDP-Boss Petra Gössi (43) the Satire for a Comedy counter-strike:

In a letter to Deville – signed by hand with “Petra” – she opened to him, that the liberals have done in return is a survey of the Deville. The answers are not formulated in a less tongue in cheek.

On the question of the best SRF-Satire-shipment Deville comes “” even a percent – 97 percent go to the “Arena”, a further to the Talk, “Schawinski” and the Comedy Show “Late Update”.

Deville wants to Gössi not

to do About the Logo of the “Deville”broadcast, a Golden pineapple, paints an ironic picture Gössi, the climate politically “rather questionable”. And local Alternative proposes: a Cannabis leaf and an onion.

How serious the FDP with your green coat, it will show. But Should appreciate the voters of the course, you can Gössi still as a Gag-writer for the SRF.

Deville reacts to the retort is less funny than the FDP. The answer was so “boring” that you might have developed in the same Agency as the BDP-choice slogan, “Boring but good”, schnödete.