Considerable excitement among mom called the Internet-the petition of the inhabitant of Novosibirsk Natalia Busarova, who asked the authorities for the third time to do much good for the people to pay benefits 10 000 for children in August. The appeal was signed by more than 150,000 people, however, the format does not oblige the authorities to consider it. We talked with Natalia about what motivated her personally to create a petition on childcare payments of ten thousand in August.

Even in the comments on the site began clashes between people. One strongly endorsed the need for the payment, and others were outraged that it is intended only for children. What about pensioners, childless workers and state employees?

However, to turn into a squabble serious intention Natalia disputants failed. The petition is steadily gaining momentum. Natalie told how she came up with this idea.

– Sent the petition because got all this uncertainty, she says. I heard that the Duma responded, but the petition I addressed not to the deputies. I hope that will be the reaction to a higher level.

the 35-year-old Natalia has two children-schoolboys. She works as an accountant and work for a pandemic is not lost. But her husband unfortunately lost earnings. He worked as a cook in a cafe. And concern for daily bread is a heavy burden fell only on her fragile shoulders.

And on the nose September 1, new item of expenditure, and family to them not yet ready.

– just 10 thousand of the child and the need to gather everyone in school, – says the woman. – That’s not counting the forms.

In fact, Natalia, at first, surprised that her petition caused such a violent response. But then she realized that he had to fulfill the wish of thousands of families – voiced and designed what the other was thinking. Now she doesn’t even have time to read all of the comments launched the debate around the petition of the people.

– someone else’s situation was truly catastrophic, she said. – I believe that if people had no money, then they should be supported.

by the Way, the first during the hype Natalia was interviewed by the correspondent of “MK” in Novosibirsk” Anatoly Yakimov. He told us that their city is famous for purposeful individuals rich in initiative. There are a lot of active citizens.

I’m not all novosibirets, a year and a half ago moved from Chita, he explained. – But managed to deal with the activists for volunteer work. Some helped in the crisis to collect food and money for expensive drugs, others were transported, others were advised on a variety of issues. Last year I helped spread the petition of a woman who after the death of the child was made to install an MRI machine at Children’s hospital No. 3. It was written in April 2019. In the result, the petition has gained a lot of votes and regional min��Drava in September 2019 was announced after the tender for the purchase of MRI for this medical institution. Now the device helps to identify the coronavirus in young patients.

it Seems that the city’s residents in their harsh climate, have learned to crack the ice of misunderstanding. These people can reach out to those who are at the top. As a result, thousands of Russians are monitoring the situation closely and believe that the city’s residents will be able to not only split, but also to melt this ice.

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