the Evening will be held in online mode concert “Crown out”. Songs from children’s plays BAT, as well as cover versions of well-known domestic and foreign hits (“Movie”, Yegor Letov, Nirvana, Joy Division and others) performed by Olga Albanova and Alexander Belousov. Special guest – actress Tatyana Kolganova. Leads the concert fairy godmother Rosabella (Tatiana Ryabokon), the beloved heroine of the audience from the play “the Wizard of Oz”.

Stream online concert in 20 hours here on the theatre page of “Vkontakte” and on the YouTube channel.

on the Day of Dostoevsky 4 Jul actors Ilya Tiunov, Faith Tran and Dmitry Chestnov will present the immersive performance “In the footsteps of Raskolnikov”. Street show and tour will be held in the scenery of St. Petersburg. Beginning at 20 hours.

– Our regular excursion to places of “Crime and punishment” will gain a new breath: the mysterious alleys of Dostoevsky come to life before your very eyes, through the characters in his novel, which will be represented by artists, – the organizers. – We will walk the famous path of Raskolnikov in “730 steps”, literally breathing him in the back and observing his encounters with other characters of Fyodor. Only once in the scenery of the sun Peter. Will be intriguing.

This is the extended version of the actor’s tour of Elijah Tiunova places of the novel “Crime and punishment”. In parallel with the story of the presenter in real time and at a distance of five feet allowed the actors will act out scenes from iconic piece. By the way, in the performance of NDT’s “Crime and punishment” (put Vadim skvirsky) Vera Tran and Dmitry Chestnov play the role of Sonya and Raskolnikov. And Ilya Tiunov conducts three tours – they are dedicated to Dostoevsky, Pushkin and Gogol.

July 5, Ilya Tiunov invites the audience to a musical and poetic journey “Pushkin. Tours of St. Petersburg the rake’s progress” – on the rivers and canals by boat. It will begin at 18 o’clock. You can see the house and walks Pushkin’s heroes, listen to poetry, excerpts from works and letters of Pushkin, romances on verses of the poet in the accordion.

the Main events of season 2019-2020 in NDT began the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the theater (September 2019) and the premiere of artistic Director Lev Erenburg “King Lear” (December 2019). During the isolation of the theatre continued its activity in online mode: the actors sang songs, recited poems, came up with the original transmission “РаZOOMные meeting” with Tatyana Ryabokon, and went out with her in a live broadcast, was shown a video version of the play “the lower depths”, “Ivanov” “Valentine’s day”, “the Cherry orchard”, “Crime and punishment”. The main result of remote work will become a BAT movie-the play”, the Iranian conference”, set (removed) Vadim Skvirskiy based on the play by Ivan Vyrypaev. On the date of the premiere will be Ob��planned later.