Peter Spuhler (60) is a good business man, is not up for discussion. He has made small company with 18 employees, a group with worldwide 8500 employees. Spuhler is also a tricky case, as a report in the “Sunday newspaper”. He also plays once a Bank, in order to get a lucrative job.

And so were the Deals: Spuhler, Stadler Rail has helped to jobs by supported customers with cash injections from his private box. “There are always customers who want to buy for Stadler Rail, but the funding will not fix it. For you I have established under the umbrella of PCS Holding special-purpose entities, provide funding, and Stadler got the job,” says Spuhler. And adds: “In this way I became the owner of three Zugflotten.”

Sweden, Estonia and Austria

Specifically, the three railway companies in Sweden, Estonia and Austria. Spuhler paid by the Estonian state railway of 96 million Euro and the Swedish private railway company MTR Express 90 million Swiss francs. In return, two of its special purpose entities, the owner of the trains, which they had bought from Stadler Rail.

Spuhler suggests in the “Sunday newspaper” that these financing instruments are one of the reasons for the IPO of Stadler Rail: “I’m in debt over my private PCS Holding, in order to support the sales efforts of Stadler in a difficult environment with the strong Swiss franc. Now, we are strengthening the financial base of the Holding, so that it is ready for the next step of Stadler.”

the IPO of up to 1.7 billion Swiss francs

Spuhler will solve with the company’s IPO, according to experts from 1.2 to 1.7 billion Swiss francs. This money was meant “to my existing holdings in Stadler, Autoneum, Rieter and Aebi Schmidt evolve” and acquire additional investments.

Peter Spuhler also wants to put money in Stadler Rail. “In the case of a capital increase, I would make sure that my share is not diluted.” In the case of Finance problems of customers the opportunity to support you flanking was also after the IPO. (pbe)