It is probably the most dramatic end to a Champions League final. Ever.

the Final in 1999 between Manchester United and Bayern Munich was turned completely on its head in injury time.

In 101 seconds changed ‘The red devils’ 0-1 to 2-1, Peter Schmeichel & co. left the germans in choktilstand.

And Peter Schmeichel – who was the captain of United in the match – still remember comebacket in the finals as the wildest he’s ever tried.

The Danish goalkeeper was over with back in the hjørnesparket, where Manchester United levelled the game, and he remembers that when he is on his way back towards his goal, is his usual towering self-confidence was replaced by fear of failure.

“It was a crazy moment (reversal, red.), and it still stands clear in my memory. I run back, and I need to regain focus,” says Schmeichel, in an interview with Talksport.

“I think for myself that it goes into extra time, and I will not cost my team in any way.”

“Three years earlier in the european championship final, the Czech goalkeeper made a big mistake, and so was the fight end with a golden goal. I could not allow that to happen for me. There were 20 seconds back, and I have never been so nervous in my life.”

“I asked just up in my head: ‘don’t shoot any more, for I am not able to save anything right now’,” he remembers.

But the dane never to be put to the test, before Ole Gunnar Solskjær put the decisive goal in 2-1 and sparked the English rapture.

“So I regained my focus and … bum (he claps, ed.), so we have scored a goal more, and I simply can’t believe it.”

“Then it was all over, and my memory is completely blank.”

“at the End of the fight is just so insane, and I don’t think it will ever happen again,” says Peter Schmeichel.

the Victory in the Champions League final did the season 1998/1999 for the perfect year for Manchester United, as the club also won the FA Cup and Premier League in the season and thus secured themselves ‘The Treble’.