the Morning of Sunday, Peter Reber is 70 years old. For a VIEW of the Bernese dialect singer and Hitkomponist balance sheet draws a philosophical interim balance sheet.

About the youth of today:

Long was accused of our youth, it is said to be a little political, just think of your personal well-being or career. Now young people go to the streets and demonstrate for climate protection and the preservation of our planet. Right you are! Because it is their future and their world to life in the morning. The few hours that you miss in school, long ago, made up for by this civic and democratic experience to be able to on the road to Express, if it happens peacefully. There is something wonderful and powerful to be young, to believe in his dreams and to try one or the other, before the willingness to compromise or, sometimes, the Resignation of ageing.

the age:

what is Clear is that the youth usually healthier than the ages. And, of course, health is important. Who is sick, in pain, perhaps lonely, because he has lost a Partner, for the one is aging is not beautiful. Who has the good fortune to be to some extent healthy, for the age can also have its good sides. You need to be on every “dog” verlochete. The experiences we made over the decades, help to make decisions better, and because the future has become very finally, there’s a way, perhaps, to live each day more consciously, and to enjoy, hopefully. For me personally, it was the insight that I can share with my work a meaning to my life. I was allowed a lot of people with my music in life and to accompany.


I could not imagine my life without my wife. Livia was not only the Inspiration for many of my songs, all travel plans and other projects we have concocted together and pulled through. We have two wonderful children, is another large lucky. I’m glad to be on my anniversary tour in the fall with Nina on the stage. The can sure relate to the father. The petite, little Person, sing me to the wall, but I couldn’t handle that. You had even as a Baby, a giant tube. Without your commitment I would not have dared, as a great father to appear again. Yes, because I am now with the little granddaughter Ellie is actually a grandfather. The family is bigger, life goes on.


come To my concerts all age groups. But I encounter again and again, Fans that were in the times of “Peter, Sue & Marc”. The are loyal souls and for me also something of a family. Often they come with your children or grandchildren. It touches me again and again, as you accompany me for decades. This is not, of course, in a world that has become so short-lived: Today a Star, because you won the TV, “The Voice of …” and tomorrow is already back away from the window, because another shipment is “in”. It is a privilege and I am very grateful that still so many people attend my concerts. Used to be, and I’ll tell in each case as a Gag, I have completed after the start of the concert the hall doors, so that the audience couldn’t get out. Today, they remain voluntary.

About music and compose:

It is sure easier to write something New, if you have already written so much. But I’m still creative and will bring out in the fall a new CD. I don’t want to keep on my anniversary tour, which begins at the end of October 2019, only look back, but also a couple of new Songs to present. I already have a few ideas. Music for me is still something Great and I love almost all Genres. I can Express myself as a composer in many genres, and this versatility has probably contributed to my success. I am particularly pleased that the Musical “Io senza te” is coming next year, now on the stage of the lake of Thun games. All the tunes I’ve written forty years ago, for Peter, Sue & Marc, therefore, to come again in a brand new dress.


of Course, politics is interested in me. I follow on TV, almost all the Political shows. Politics takes place not only at the poles, either the far left or the far right. This is spectacular, but it was never my thing. Property, plant, policy is more important to me than party politics. To include a sustainable policy of compromise, for it is seldom so that the other opinion is completely wrong. We do in Switzerland to receive the respectful dialogue. What’s going on in the United States, England, or Italy, is not worthy of imitation. I’ve even demonstrated on the street against the deletion of expenditure on education and as co-founder of youth + music collected signatures. In a modified Form of the Initiative, 2012 has been accepted by the people with a large majority.


There is no better way to travel than with a sailing ship, if you will get seasick. At this travel speed, the soul can follow, you will never have jet lag and find that the path is sometimes more interesting than the destination. A night or to sit for a day in the Cockpit and to slide through the waves, is anything but boring. Who has the patience and the restlessness of our civilization can strip, you will discover the many secrets of the sea and of the beauty and Fragility of this blue planet will be fascinated. You’ll forgive me, the old sailor, that I’ll as almost to be a poet. But I was able to experience the way it is. Livia and I still like very much. Thanks to Facebook, I also know that our “Cindy”, which we were for years presumed dead, is still on the road. She had, in the meantime, a few other owners, but it now showed up in Australia again. Under a different name: “Second Wind”. We wanted to visit, the year before last, when we were in Australia, but since she was already on the move to new Zealand. I hope she also wears the new Crew, like us, once safely over thousands of miles.


the roots like water, is well known. I felt on the water is always at home. The also be Nice, because it is limitless and it is somehow a citizen of the world, free from any tribal thinking. But of course, I’m also Swiss and proud of our country, because it gave me very much. For me, maybe a bit dated sounding to be true at the end of a quote by Gottfried Keller: “Let each man father of the country, but it is yours, love!” My home has enabled me to see that as a working child was a very good education and I was able to later study, access to music lessons at the Conservatory had, and so my skills could develop. This is not, of course, and I am very grateful.

On his birthday:

Seventy a number is easy. But we humans need rituals. Now, there’s not morning the huge birthday party. We go for a nice dinner in the small family circle and that’s it then. I may not get as much attention in my life, that’s enough for me. And if I celebrate, then, not myself, but the life. Life is the greatest Show. That my family is OK, and that I was together with Livia so much Exciting experience. To know all of this, I need not really a milestone birthday. I note that this is with age, becoming more conscious. From now on, will be celebrated in this sense, daily, birthday.