He is the most successful German singers of the last decades: Today, Friday, Peter Maffay is 70 years old. The Rocker has received a VIEW home on lake Starnberg, to take stock of his life.

Warm congratulations to the 70.! What are your feelings as you enter your new decade?
Peter Maffay: With a good feeling. I’ve done a lot of things, a duty, so to speak, met. The freestyle begins. In other words: The big trees are planted, now it comes to the ornamental shrubs.

fear not, but of course, my finite nature is more aware than in the past. With 70 it is not exceptional when it comes to crucial anatomical changes. This is not, fortunately, but now still just.

I do a lot of Sport. And I try, my consumption is reasonable to divide. I drink a little more alcohol, the cigarillos I’ve sworn off definitely. In addition, there is a little Baby in my life, this is also quite a bit revitalized.

of Course, a huge influence. I’m going to take more time for the Small, as I have done in my 15-year-old son Yaris. Because I am driven less and less. The professional print fades with age, you have to prove less. This gives more room for the family.

I get up very early, then turn my rounds on the bike. Later, I go to the bakery and buy something for Breakfast. Home again, is supplied as the First the Small. This Moment is the most beautiful of the day. I’ll get Anouk from the little bed, and snuggle with her. She is mostly laughing sleepy so that she can’t fight ().

But surely, I am now an expert. I’ll give Anouk the milk and windle you. Then I hand over the Small of Hendrikje for the Rest of the day. I’m off to the office for Meetings. I’m not involved so heavily in music, like right now, I take care of our Foundation. In General, I work more for Tabaluga as for my actual career as a musician. Which brings me, sometimes in a quandary.

Is not it also. Not in a long time. In the last few decades, I moved pretty heavily in the area of normality. I’m doing a normal Job, which is in between, maybe a little bit crazy and extroverted. But the exaltation of the past is in the past.

Pride is a feeling that I can’t get along with my work. I have several Gold and platinum awards on the wall, but there are people who have achieved ten Times more than I do. Clearly, 50 years is a long time. I don’t want to play it even shut down. But so great is my contribution to humanity is to be able to be proud of. I’m happy with my career because it has made it possible for me, what was always important to me: to be able to a self-determined life.

Yes, even in a relationship. As Hendrikje and I got together, we made a deal: Neither of us should feel the chained. This intention may, at any time, independent and free to decide, I think is very important. Whether privately or professionally.

What can I say? Sure, he is not ideal, especially in the longer term. But Hendrikje is the woman of my life. Our daughter is a fresh start. And it’s never too late. You can’t meddle with the love to craft.

I doubt That. The times are always short-lived, you will have to reduce on quite a few impulses. One lands a Hit and is huge, the next Moment, a new Hit is already huge. I hope that the spirit of Rock ’n’ Roll remains the same. In the end, not just Business, Image, and staging count.

I can’t say. Because I’m not really nostalgic. There were always good times as well as bad.

I have some people hurt, especially in my younger years. Because my Ego was too big for my vanity. The majority of young people are overambitious and shit. It is with a breakneck pace. You made a mistake. With the years of the Ego occurs, fortunately, more and more into the Background.

Oh, this dark Chapter is a part of my life. It doesn’t bother me to talk about it. I have nothing to hide. On certain days, I was able to throw away several bottles of Whiskey. That’s why I lost women and friends. Certainly I regret the. Not more I can change it, but I learned from it.

no. 15 years ago I got out of the blue, the diagnosis of lung cancer. The has turned out to be in hindsight as incorrect. However, I’ve immediately with everything that caused me physical harm of course, stopped. It was like a Wake-up call. This madness I cannot understand, in retrospect, times more.

no. I was already on every continent and I’ve enjoyed it every Time, to travel to countries and cultures. This urge I feel. Because I realized that the real adventure can also take place in front of the door. I love a challenge still, but that’s why I don’t have to climb every day on the bike, and a dangerous road, down lawn. I better sit down on the bike, and that suits me better. I really feel very fulfilled in the present life.


tolerance. Every encounter leaves a trace, resulting in an attitude arises at some point. My is life, and life.

gratitude. With 20 you have no wrinkles, with 70 already. Each individual is a precipitate of what has expired in your life. I had recorded a couple of breaks, but my life has always been an incredible stroke of luck. I never had to experience a war. I never had to suffer from Hunger. I never had to flee across the Mediterranean sea, and in the process lose a child. It fills me with great gratitude.

The realization that it is not in societies around the world today for the effective implementation of the concept of tolerance. We beat our heads because someone has a different skin color, a different sexual orientation, different Beliefs. On the other hand, I am an Optimist. I am convinced that certain things are correctable, and people are capable of learning. Children have a right to be optimistic parents. Because pessimistic parents to move, nothing more.

That there is nothing more important than harmony. Associated with that, you can understand the Opposite.

darkness, and worms. I don’t believe in reincarnation. We only have one life to live. If there is anything that extends our time on earth, then the love and the values that we have given to our descendants. More will be there.

Peter Maffay came in 1949, in Romania, to the world. In 1963, emigrated with his parents to Germany. “You” he ended up in 1970 with his first Hit. Among his best-known songs “Over seven bridges you go to” and “I never wanted to be a grown-up”. In addition to his artistic work Maffay is engaged politically and socially. And he is the patron of the Tabaluga children’s Foundation. Maffay was married four times. Since 2015, he is involved with the secondary school teacher Hendrikje Balsmeyer, with her he received in November 2018, a daughter.