The Click of his camera is silenced forever. Completely surprisingly, it was said yesterday on the Instagram page of star photographer: “it is With great sadness that we give the death of Peter Lindbergh at the 3. September 2019 known”. What the 74-Year-old died, has not communicated to his family yet.

Unforgettable is his iconic shots of Models that he made in the 1990s to Stars stay. Cindy Crawford (53), Kate Moss (45) and Naomi Campbell (49) had by him only a flawless body and a beautiful face, but also a name. In times in which the international show sizes were missing, took their place.

a stir the first Cover of “Supermodel-inventor,” which he made in 1988 for the American “Vogue” was good. It is the Israeli Model Michaela Bercu (52), the laughs almost without make-up in the camera. The Haute-Couture skirt was too tight, so photographed Lindbergh in Jeans, a novelty for the fashion-primer, used with staged photographs of his own Aesthetic. This wanted to leave the German photographer. He defined in the following decades a new ideal of beauty, highlighted the strength and vulnerability of a woman, took you in perfect moments you show in your Unperfektion uniquely beautiful.

Lindbergh despised obsession with youth and fashion dictations

Lindbergh kept a lot of Make-up by retouching. He loved the women, as they were, and once said: “I was madly in love with each of them.” The master of Black-and-White-photography-criticized dictations the obsession with youth and the Fashion.

And he still had big plans. For the German “GQ”, he photographed the cover image featuring Hollywood star Uma Thurman (49), which appears today. The media release followed yesterday as well. Recently he was commissioned by guest curator, Duchess Meghan (38) 15 Activists for the British “Vogue”. The wife of Prince Harry (34) have opted for Lindbergh, because he scanned you sprouts with your summer. On your instagram page, “Sussex Royal” honors his life and work. In addition, the documentary “Peter Lindbergh – Women’s Stories is currently running in the German-speaking Swiss cinema”.

Swiss personalities of the star photographer had to be in front of his camera. As a musician Stephan Eicher (59), actor Max Hubacher (26), Model Nadine Strittmatter (35) and contortionist Nina Burri (41). The latter he photographed in 2009 for the anniversary edition of the German “Vogue”. The from Berne recalls: “Peter directed the Berlin of the 1920s, including the cabaret scenes.” First, she had been an extra busy. “I thought I was standing in the back row. I did, but when he saw me, he took me to the front and the following two days made a big shoot with me. He has discovered me, encouraged, and we remained all the years of good friends.” The last Time she had seen him in February at the Berlinale. “He seemed healthy, was full of the joy of life and actions. I can’t believe that he is among us. Rest in peace, my dear friend.”

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