When ‘Denmark stand together’ on Saturday will be shown on the TV 2, will the hosts Anders Breinholt, Puk artists easter exhibition and Natasja Crone on the direct tv speaking with those who contribute to unity in the midst of the corona-crisis.

But also Peter Ingemann plays a special role in the program. He is Thursday out in the field to make recordings to the program. His job? He must say thank you.

“We surprised kassemedarbejdere, renovationsmedarbejdere, buschaufførerne and others and say a simple thank you. A good, old-fashioned thank you, because they bother to keep a beat-up society in time.”

“Even if the bus driver does not come in direct contact with the passengers, he is sitting the in the steel pipes with them. Kassemedarbejderen is constantly in contact with the goods that customers have touched.”

‘Denmark stand together’ is, according to TV 2 ‘an exceptional program in an exceptional situation’, and it should focus on all those who make a special effort at a time when unity is the alpha and the omega.

And here are just some of them, as Peter Maurer speaks with, absolutely essential:

“They are – without sounding dramatic – in the extreme front line, while we others remain at home,” he says and states: “we would like to say thank you for, because it is something they deserve.”

En B. T. prisoners Peter Maurer over the phone, he stands at a rest area and waiting for a truck driver, which he can thank for the effort, past.

the Recordings are in many ways improvised, since those who are due, not in advance know that the tv host will report the visit.

therefore also the possibility to opt-out to be in the program, but it is yet no one who has done, tells Peter Ingemann.

“so far we have only been greeted by smiles. Some are almost quite touched and say ‘you’. They think only they do their work, and does not look that great in it.”

But it is large, says Peter Ingemann and awards, therefore, thank you en masse.

the Meeting with them, he thank, are, however, a somewhat different way to work, he admits. With namely a long microphone, so he can comply with the authorities ‘ recommendations to keep the distance.

“I think personally, it is hard. I have several times in the day had the urge to go and give a proper handshake. But that’s how it is. We must organise ourselves after.”

Peter Ingemann is among other things known from the program ‘the Greatest’, which is precisely the meeting with the people is top priority.

“I must just get used to the new situation. I think, that goes something lost, in terms of the link and the chemistry between people, when we stand at a distance, which signals the fear for each other. It creates, at least not in security and trust.”

“When I am out and fix the tv again, it will need to be over. Otherwise I can not make tv,” he laughs.

Despite the challenging working conditions have Peter Ingemann high hopes for the broadcast Saturday night.

“I hope then, that it may be a modest contribution to that we keep the courage and the mood, we in Denmark are so famous for having, up.”

“most Importantly it is my hope, to them, we dedicate the program to sit back with a feeling that we appreciate their work.”