His next Ride would lead him once again to Zürich, now Peter Fonda 79, passed away at the age of surprise. On Friday, the “Easy Rider”Star castle after a cancer disease for eyes. Affected by the loss, it shows especially at the Zurich Film Festival: “Peter Fonda was not only a guest but a friend.”

As for the 50. Birthday of his Cult film “Easy Rider” wanted to come to Fonda again to the Festival in the city of Zurich, the trip was planned. Already the 40-year anniversary of the film, Fonda was celebrated at the ZFF, a ride with his Harley around the lake of Zurich, he gained in 2009, money for Doctors without borders. In 2008, he was Chairman of the Jury at the Zurich film festival. “He believed in us and always came back to Zurich,” said Nadja Schildknecht (46) and Karl Spoerri (46), the Festival guide this year, for the last Time operational.

Emilie Lieberherrwar his Nanny

The connection to Zürich began for Peter Fonda in his young years in New York in the 1950s: His Nanny was none other than Emilie Lieberherr (1924-2011), which was later, SP city councillor. “A great woman,” Fonda gushed in an Interview with Sunday view five years ago.
He visited you in 1971, at the time, he had a thick Beard and long hair: “Emilie was a bit shocked, because I was so unkempt. She recognized me immediately to my eyes.” To came a renewed Meeting in 1995 at the “Love Ride”, Fonda drove to the top of a 2000 Harley-knights, a passenger was Emilie Lieberherr. At the same time a Swiss film project was born: Fonda played the main role in the Film “Family Express” of the Swiss Swatch company, Nick Hayek (64). “Nick is a fantastic artist,” said Fonda at the time.

Swiss Fan community mourns

No wonder, in mourning, in Switzerland, a special Fan and friend community to the sensitive actor. The jump from the shadow of his famous father, Henry Fonda (1905-1982) he created life only once – in 1969 with “Easy Rider”. Nevertheless, he remained his passion of loyalty, Peter Fonda turned almost 100 movies: “The fire is not extinguished in me,” he said at the last Meeting in Zurich. His fire blazes as “Easy Rider” forever.