VIEW achieved the great Swiss writer Peter Bichsel, who is now 85 years old, at home on the phone. In the Background, quietly to the Radio SRF 1, Bichsel clears his throat, his voice is loud and clear. “I’m fine,” he says, “thank you. I have no special wishes for my birthday. It would be easy for me right, if this Virus hits.” The author adheres to his home in Bellach SO strictly to the Federal Council’s instructions. “I feel healthy. but I am in control and watch me quite a bit more. I’m clearly a risk group and have just recently experienced how unpleasant it is to come in shortness of breath.”

Sceptical Bichsel

Bichsel hopes that such a Situation remains unique. However, he is sceptical as to whether we can learn lessons for the future. “People have learned from historical events never something. We would probably not see in the first place, that nature is there to benefit us and improve our world. The only, we bring.”

Even without Corona-crisis, there would have been no big Celebration. “My girlfriend, her daughter and I chips would have gone with fries to eat. To a place where they make the wonderful. I’m sorry that the now. But not much way to fall, too.”

“I am not a great writer more”

Bichsel has his Computer from his room in Solothurn to Bellach transport. “In case of emergency, I could get started immediately. But I am not a great writer more.” He had feared already no longer in front of it, in a “Geleier” to get inside. “I was afraid of the role of the old white man. In it, I wouldn’t have liked me.”

That it might spur on the current events, even literary, he is not very likely. “I could bore me is always good and this boredom also enjoy. Längizyti is the Bern German word for longing. So boredom is a thing of beauty. Also read you need boredom, I like you very well.”

Bichsels latest book and his personal reading tip

The latest Bichsel-book is Suhrkamp Verlag published: “Even the donkey has a soul” makes over 300 pages of documents from the years 1963 to 1971 tangible. “The book speaks to older readers – but hopefully only. If young readers want to know how people thought in this time and what you discussed, then it pleases me.”

Bichsels personal reading tip: “at the moment, I am reading Hans-jörg Schneider’s latest, the tenth Hunkeler-case “Hunkeler in the Wilderness”. As always with Schneider, it is the best. Not a classical crime novel, but the portrait of a man, which is very similar to the author. And I love this author.”