Corona pandemic, which is ravaging the world over, has a great importance for the film industry, and now is the Cannes film festival has been canceled. Something, Peter Aalbæk describes as disastrous.

He explains that it is on the French festival that they usually pick up their profits home, and that is why it has so big a konsekevens that it is not there in years. He tells about the future prospects.

“Well right now there is nothing to do. There is nothing to do,” says him. Something he describes as extremely frustrating.

“There is simply nothing worse. It’s all a big mess, and so is the torture that is dormant.”

Peter Aalbæk say they had a good thing, as they would have presented at this year’s festival, and although he is looking forward to June and July, in the hope that the film industry can be resurrected from the ashes, so there isn’t anything that can replace Cannes.

There is not some other big events, where they in the same way may have made trades.

“you just see how fragile it all is,” saith the fa to him.

According to Aalbaek is the losses in the film industry so great, that there are already majors, who must turn the key around.

“Now, there is no point to be so bold, as I used to be. It is otherwise, such that I have coped with me through many times,” says the severity of the situation.

Peter Aalbæk stresses, however eventually, it is never sin for the movie industry, as he would normally call privilligeret.

He says, moreover, that even if there will be made much less film it next year, so he is not nervous for the art, as with his words ‘always thrives when there is a crisis’.

Peter Aalbæk was founded Zentropa and holds the role as udviklingsproducer.