In my hometown of San Diego is homosexuality not an issue. Whether on the beach, on the tennis court or in the Bars same-sex couples to celebrate their love here, in public, to dance without from the series. I realized this a matter of course, as my lesbian colleague in a night club my swarm in front of the nose taking. Something that could happen to me in Switzerland – because we would simply dance in the same place.

homosexuals don’t have to hide in the major California cities in their own Bars. That is a good thing. But San Diego is not the USA – and the US is not San Diego. The question of whether the country is ready for a homosexual, is more relevant than ever.

Currently, a man makes headlines, whose name can still say no one is correct: Pete Buttigieg. He is 37 years young, the mayor of a small town, loves his husband quite often Glezman and wants to be US President. Buttigieg is the first openly gay candidate in a presidential election campaign. And the believer in Christ surprised in the first few months, all of the observers.

war veterans, the youngest mayor, language genius

In two recent surveys, conducted in the US States of Iowa and New Hampshire, as evidenced Pete Buttigieg third place. In front of him in the voters favor of the Democrats, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are both very familiar faces.

That Buttigieg was from Nobody to the shooting star, is a big Surprise. A few weeks ago, hardly anyone had him on the bill. Now he refers in the primaries is so important States seasoned Senators like Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren on the courts.

Impressive as this development is his resume. Buttigieg studied at a young age at the prestigious universities of Harvard and Oxford. Between 2009 and 2013, he served in the U.S. Navy, seven months in active service in Afghanistan. In 2012, he became the youngest mayor in the history of the United States. And: Buttigieg speaks seven languages fluently.

Trump for the historical election of a Gay?

The 37-Year-old convinced the voters with concrete ideas. He wants to reform the electoral system and the health insurance, and a policy of Fairness arise. Pete succeeds in his performances, to communicate these goals to understand and, at the same time with the necessary depth. He is eloquent, calm and friendly – the pure opposite of the incumbent, Donald Trump.

Against him would take Buttigieg, should nominate his party in the coming summer. It is clear to me: The democratic voters are ready for a gay candidate. But the USA is it? Surveys suggest. Two-thirds of Americans spoke out in 2018 for gay marriage. But would home behind closed doors the permission for a gay candidate to remove.

resentment would make it impossible for the choice of a Pete Buttigieg in the year 2020 in the normal case. However, because of the opponent, Donald Trump is hot, nothing is normal. The reluctance of many undecided voters against the White house are likely to outweigh the prejudice.

It would be ultimately so, of all places, Donald Trump, whose Vice-President is a homophobic Hetzer, which could pave the first openly gay presidential candidate on the way to the White house.