After nearly 30 years, dropping dyrevelfærdsorganisationen PETA their famous campaign against fur.

It means that celebs such as Pamela Anderson, Dennis Rodman, Pink and Eva Mendes are done with that, throw the clothes under the slogan ‘I’d Rather Go Naked’ (I’d rather be naked, red.).

On CNN tells Dan Matthews, vice president for PETA’s reklameafdeling, why the organization drop nøgenkampagnen – and it is certainly not due to lack of success, he stresses.

rather, It is because that the campaign has been so good that it actually has worked and therefore is no longer needed in the same way.

“It’s pretty rare for an organization to drop a campaign because of its success,” he says to the american media, and continues:

“We have fought so long to pull the headers, but the turning point was reached in the past few years, how many people and designers have dropped the fur. I really think it is time that our responsibility as a forward-thinking organization evolves with time rather than continue to live in the past success.”

Nøgenkampagnens-known slogan was created back in the late 1980s when the PETA activists demonstrated naked against fur in Japan.

In 1990, released PETA as their first advertisement with the slogan, where The band The Go-Go’s posed naked behind a banner with the text: ‘We’d Rather Go-Go Naked Than Wear Fur’.

since then selected more and more well-known actors, sports stars, singers etc. to be portrayed to the campaign, of which all profits from the sale of the posters went to dyrevelfærdsorganisationen.

“PETA’s goal is always to reach out to as many consumers as possible,” says vice president Dan Matthews, and continues:

“And let’s face it… There is a reason that nudity and sex have been used since the beginning of advertising,” he says, and stresses that although the ‘I’d Rather Go Naked’campaign is laid in the tomb, so is PETA not done with that fight.

“We’ve got our point through – fur is out of fashion. So now it is time that we use the same energy to expand the focus to leather, wool and snakeskin,” says Dan Matthews to CNN.