“Frouezimmer” is rare today, but Mani Matters song “D Psyche vo dr Frou” is also 46 years later, of timeless validity. “Mängisch you door eim embrace / überchöme even nid gnue / and scho five Minute speter / chere si eim the Rügge CDE.” Matt seems to have sufficient empirical research to come to the realization that they have clear statements about the nature of women are hardly possible.

A woman told me that you have multiple copies of the Admiral has seen a few days ago at a snow hike to the Gemmi pass and fly, this well-known, wonderful dark brown-red butterfly. At almost 2300 meters above sea level. The Gemmi pass forms a North-South connection between Kandersteg and Leukerbad, VS.

travel between the generations

How come? If it needs a knowledge, then Marco Thoma. The zoologist is currently writing a doctoral thesis at the University of Bern on the Admiralzug, the wall movements of the butterfly. When I call him, is his response, almost like those of Mani Matter: It is complicated.

Every autumn, Hiking millions of admirals in the South, in order to escape from the cold and in the winter quarters of procreation. In the spring there are the descendants of the migrant moth, the leave back to the North. Generation hike is called the: Each Generation takes only a part of the journey. The Moths often fly the same Alpine passes, as observations have shown. Sometimes, even on high summits, was above sea level of the virgin an Admiral at a height of 4000 m. M. discovered. Also impressive is the daily performance of individual Moths in two hours up to 40 kilometers.


twisted Is the Gemmi pass-Überquerern so back to young animals on a hike in the North? Possible, however, this would be a little early. Also possible that it is older animals that have wintered in Italy. Or even in the Valais – and the warm weather become active. In any case, has moved the boundary of the wintering area in the last few years to the North.

So the male is the German Name for the Latin Name of the wall butterfly Vanessa atalanta sounds, so female by the way. The latter refers to Atalanta, a huntress from Greek mythology, the twisted men of the head.

Simon Jäggi (39) is a boy singer of the rock band the sorrow, works at the natural history Museum of Bern and keeps chickens.