In early April, a resident of the city of Nei Kostroma region Larisa Kasatkina was able to realize his dream: owning my own compound. On the front of the Windows of his own house, a woman has set a new greenhouse and have built a small shed for chickens.

Despite the modest incomes, the young mother was able to save money on building materials, young animals and feed. To make the dream come true the woman helped the “Social contract”.

I wanted to have animals, but still can not decide. Didn’t have enough funds. But last year I spoke about the social contract, and I decided to participate. Gathered all the information, signed the contract and now is overjoyed! As soon as I signed the contract in December of last year I began to transfer the money. First, we simply saved up and then was able to buy materials to build a room for the chickens, made the feeder, roost, bought feed, – says Larisa.

About the “Social contract” Larissa told colleagues. It turned out that many residents of the area have already benefited from this program of the grant.

– Social contract includes the agreement which is concluded between a resident and a social service Center, explained correspondent “RG” the head of Sydney’s centre of social service of the population Olga Leonova. It’s the citizen or his family is given a monthly allowance, and he shall implement the activities foreseen in the individual program of social adaptation. In the framework of this program the contract involves assistance in finding work, retraining and advanced training, assistance in organizing self-employment or conducting private farming. Payments cocontractor may be appointed for a period of three months to a year.

According to regional authorities, the development of private economy in recent times gained great popularity among the inhabitants of rural areas.

Check their own yards Larisa Kasatkina decided to start with breeding birds. As soon as the house lemmings was ready, nacanco bought 16 chickens and one rooster.

the Cock of a handsome man: thoroughbred, “in my pants” – says Larissa. – Chicken first, not rushed, a bit ill, one even died, but now it seems to be gradually adapting. The ninth of may we had a real feast. Double. The egg came first! And the day before is another. I have two children: two years and nine years. You have no idea how they are hens happy! On hand take them, stroked, fed, they really like to care for them. Chickens are docile and tame. And as all the happy first egg! Of course, if not a social contract, I would hardly dare to obavesti��s such economy – even in order to for the children on the table always had fresh eggs. We never had animals not kept, and here – such an incentive.

Neysky district In Kostroma region, many residents keep rural households: growing steers, pigs, birds. Where it is difficult to find a job, a bail out of household and a private garden. But to get a good harvest in Northern climates is not always possible, so the first thing after the animals in the courtyard of nachinki Larisa Kasatkina appeared sturdy greenhouse for vegetables: her woman took in installments.

– the Tomatoes we’ve planted. As it gets warmer, plant and cucumbers. I am very pleased that we entered this program. The agreement was concluded for a year for herself and two children. Social contract us for three monthly list of three thousand rubles. For us it is a very big help – happy hostess.

As explained in the regional Department for labor and social protection of the population, the social contract is the guaranteed social assistance to the family, appeared in a difficult life situation. “The social contract is between the centre of social services and family or alone living citizen, which have per capita income below the subsistence minimum established in Kostroma region. A prerequisite to conclude a social contract – development and implementation of the programme of social adaptation of the family for the release of her self-sufficient. The program of social adaptation is developed by the family together with specialists from the integrated center. It included the development of the household, such as the purchase of poultry in the future – purchase feed, sell eggs, and so on, at the discretion of the family,” explained power.

it is Worth saying that the program of social contracts emerged in the Kostroma region in 2005. But recently she experienced a “second birth”. Speaking with a message to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for greater use of this form of work, calling social contract “individual program to improve the incomes and quality of life for each family in need”. He recalled that under the contract the government is ready to provide the citizens with regular payments, assistance for retraining and upgrading of skills, assistance in finding employment or opening a small private business.

After the message in the budgets of the regions began to receive additional funds for the conclusion of social contracts. If in 2019, the programme participants were 130 families of Kostroma by the end of this year, authorities predict an increase in the number of contracts up to at least 200.

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to enter into a social contract in the Kostroma region can poore families and citizens living alone with incomes less than the subsistence minimum. In Kostroma region it is set at 10624 rubles, for able-bodied population – 11583 rubles, for pensioners – 8901 rubles, for children – 10483 rubles. Mandatory contractual requirement – the applicant must have a job or be actively looking for a new job, to be registered with the employment service. The ultimate goal of cocontract to help a needy family get on their feet and find a steady income.

Lipetsk holders of the social contract, despite the unfolding crisis, feel confident. The first recipients of the payments have already managed to lay the Foundation for your own micro business: in villages gryazinskiy and Usman districts were fields strawberry. Fragrant berry planted under the guidance of experienced gardeners local businesses. When the harvest is collected, it can be implemented independently and sell to the industrial partner to the plant for freezing fruits and berries for the yogurt maker.

However, all these projects would never be achieved if the payment of the social contract is not increased considerably. Prior to the beginning of this year to families whose income does not exceed the subsistence minimum stood at 25-50 thousand rubles. That could spend these funds? Villages had cattle and poultry, and, if seized, bought food for them. But the money was melting before our eyes, the work was increased, and the income has grown very slowly. Because of the same cow, which most often bought for 50 thousand rubles, in need of serious care. If the new owners become mini-farmers, they provide milk not only his own family but also neighbors. By the way, the market in rural areas, where Pets can keep everyone small. And in the cities on the money and not turn around.

Now everything has changed. When Lipetsk oblast was included into number of pilot regions for the fight against poverty, local officials once again reminded of the adage about fish and the bait and admitted that even 50 thousand rubles to be called “rod” is difficult. The payment decided to increase to 250 thousand rubles. These funds have not really just get a farm in the countryside, but also to open a business in the city. The consultants suggest the Lipetsk residents not to reinvent the wheel, and to enter into contracts with successful firms and to work on their franchise – whether it’s a Barber shop, cobbler’s shop or a bakery. In addition to the promoted brand, thus budding entrepreneur receives a ready algorithm, has the ability to learn from others ‘ mistakes. And it is more than money.