If the chemistry between authorities, industry and agriculture is true too, then this results in a dangerous Cocktail.

In Basel about this Cocktail contains methane sulfonanilide, Hexachlorobutadiene, polychlorinated biphenyls – all poisons from the chemical industry, which caused, among other things, in the production of pesticides and in the groundwater were detected. Until the late 1960s, the Basel chemical companies, which had tipped their waste nothing to me, you dug anything in the gravel of the Region. Only a fraction of these sites was restored. The authorities made the eyes, and trusted that the Problem solves by itself.

But that didn’t happen. In a report by the Federal office for the environment is now visible, such as negligent with our ground and drinking water was treated and still is treated. In holding officials of a German the conclusion of the investigation is: “To numerous measuring contamination of groundwater are to determine the points.” The water castle of Switzerland turns out to be a chemical factory.

In the paper of the Federal office for the environment is a lot of “Legacy” talk. “Legacy” is not a very beautiful, nevertheless, a reassuring word. Who listens to it, is led to the conclusion: The Contaminated land itself may be still there – but the System that has caused it, is long gone.

Far from it! It is to be feared, that the authorities feel, as before, first and foremost, the interests of industry and agriculture is committed to our health and the environment. The chemistry between the actors in the state and the economy unfortunately continues to be excellent.

Small example? The Federal office for agriculture and the Federal office for civil aviation published at the end of July together with the following message: As the first country in Europe, Switzerland is the one who approves drones for Spraying of plant protection products in agriculture. The new method allows, according to the authorities a “safe and environmentally-friendly plant protection”.

It’s already irritating enough that you can speak to the Federal of the “plant protection products” when it comes to pesticides. Because the are not harmless remedies. Seven years ago, the French state has recognized Parkinson’s as an occupational disease of farmers, caused by pesticides.

in fact, the administration revealed in its Communiqué of July is a frightening proximity to the chemical industry. Two years ago, namely the “first Sprühdrohne in Europe, it was praised,” in a media release about the green clover. The aircraft was still in the testing phase. The wording of the media release from 2017, but over long distances that of 2019.

this is the first the media has not Published notice, however, the Federal government. Written and sent, the Basel pesticide manufacturer Syngenta, it has.