Peskov said the teachers complained to the scandalous talk show

Press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov commented on the complaint of the teachers to the Chairman of the state Council of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin on popular television shows on Federal channels. In his address, the teachers pointed out that these talk shows, where the emotionally discuss the controversial topics of society and interaction between people, interfere with educational work with children.

during the meeting with President Vladimir Putin on February 26 Mukhametshin greeted the head of state the request of the teachers. He said that teachers negatively evaluate popular talk shows that “are the most watchable time … indicate an infinite number of divorces, the division in the courts…”

“the Woman invites three or four men and trying to establish paternity” – gave an example of the official.

According to him, teachers are confident that such TV shows “education level”.

“State can not influence … on the editorial policy of the channels,” said Sands on Thursday, stating that the basis for intervention is the only violation of the law.

He added that together with public organisations, the authorities are entitled to formulate proposals for content. If they are consistent with the editorial policy and will be interesting to the audience, the guide channel may listen to them.

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