Peskov said Putin intensive work in remote mode

“For him to communicate with people is an absolute priority in the work. From there he draws the understanding of reality”, – quotes the site words a press-the Secretary of President Dmitry Peskova in the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin”.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG a day in Russia added 2 186 cases COVID-19 in 52 regions

the Impossibility of direct communication does not affect the intensity of the graphics of the head of state, although he misses the trips and the meetings with people. “The schedule is not something that is the same, it is much more intense than usual period” – compared the representative of the Kremlin.

the Visit of the President of the hospital in Kommunarka – not recklessness, Vladimir Putin, each time acting carefully, deliberately, taking every precaution, explained Peskov. Just the head of state is always important to make sure the inside of that system during the crisis is functioning correctly. It is characteristic of the President, explained his press Secretary. “He never refuses to personally see what happens,” – said Peskov.