Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov confirmed the presence of a disinfection tunnel, in the suburban residence of Vladimir Putin, and the Kremlin even two of them.

“This is indeed the case. Such means (protection – “MK”)) installed. In the Kremlin, they are even two of them, and in Novo-Ogaryovo, since it is now the main working residence of the President. There come to him the people at the meeting to work”, – said Peskov.

He said that the disinfection unit was installed at the height of the epidemic. This is due to the epidemiological situation. “Now, too, continues the regime of restrictions, although many have already been removed, but remains wearing masks and gloves,” reminded Sands.

the Speaker of the Kremlin stressed that “where concerns the head of state, additional precautions are clear and understandable.”

the Device for disinfection, installed in the residences of the head of state, Russian production. Everyone who passes through the tunnel is treated with a fine water mist, which covers clothing and exposed areas of the body with a disinfectant solution.