Low, the fatality rate for coronavirus infection of the new type (COVID-19) in Russia due to the high efficiency of the Russian health care system, not by manipulating statistics. This was stated by press-Secretary President Dmitry Peskov in an interview with CNN, answering a journalist’s question about the under-reporting of mortality from COVID-19 in Russia.

Answering a question from the interviewer about why Russia is dying from the infection less people than in other countries and could this be the result of manipulations with statistics, Peskov said: “No, I do not agree with these assessments. Have you ever thought about the possibility that the Russian health care system is more effective because it allows you to save the lives of more people?” He commented and morbidity rates in Russia, explaining the large number of reported cases of infection with coronavirus mass nature of testing for its presence.

According to Peskov, Vladimir Putin doesn’t care what is the impact of the pandemic on the rating of the President. “[…] if you think only about your ranking, you will not be able to make responsible decisions”, — said Peskov. According to him, Putin is more concerned as to what impact the pandemic “has on the economy of the country.” Press-Secretary the President said that pins its hopes for improved relations between the US and Russia with the presidential election in America, which will be held in November.

Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus in the world contracted about 7.1 million people, more than 405 thousand died. In Russia, according to the Federal operative headquarters of the anti-coronavirus, was 485 253 cases of infection, recovered 242 397 people died 6 142. May 11 two publications — the Financial Times and The New York Times has published articles about the possible under-reporting of deaths from the coronavirus in Russia. On may 13 the same theme was published a column by a columnist of Bloomberg on “the failure of Putin’s reforms” in health care. All publications were the subject of criticism and accusations of media from Russian diplomats, MPs and officials.