Dmitry Peskov told reporters that so far has no proof that he was arrested on charges of treason, a former journalist of “Kommersant” Ivan Safronov fell ill with middle East respiratory syndrome.

“If this information is true, will be tested and diagnosed, he will be provided with appropriate medical care”, – said the press Secretary of the President told reporters. According to him, the measure in this case will depend on the health status of Safronova and opinions of the judge.

Recall that yesterday the members of the PMC in Moscow said that Ivan Safronov was isolated in jail “Lefortovo” in connection with suspected COVID-19. He is currently awaiting test results.

however, Peskov advised not to believe in the word advocates who claim that any investigative actions in the case Safronova is not carried out, and “he’s just sitting there”.

“doesn’t mean that the investigation is in place, if the accused is not involved”, – said the speaker of the Kremlin, and recommended to address for explanations to the investigating authority.