Peskov called the period of Putins decision on the mode of limitations

Vladimir Putin today will decide on the restrictions, he left there almost a week. “Wait, there’s still time,” said Dmitry Peskov, answering a corresponding question of journalists. He recalled that the quarantine is in effect “is actually a week” until April 30. “That is the week (the President) still have,” he said.

Earlier in the Kremlin said that the decision on the extension, removal or mitigation of quarantine can be made at the end of this week.

Peskov said that now the growth in the incidence of spread to the regions, so plans need to be varied. According to him, the President is in daily talks with the governors – and those who are training to fight against the coronavirus is successful, and those who have fared worse.

“In many regions there are difficulties with the input of hospital beds, for objective reasons,” admitted Sands, noting that these problems “are solved” at the Federal level.

In turn, the HRC has offered to ease restrictions due to mers during the may holidays. Human rights activists suggest that the government allow people to leave their homes to go about their gardens, in particular, to plant potatoes and other vegetables. “For many, this is not entertainment, but a way to feed themselves”, they claim.

the inhabitants of the large cities of the HRC proposes to allow solitary walks and sport activities in the fresh air. In Moscow for these purposes, according to human rights activists, it would be possible to introduce a special “green pass”.

However, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has already said he would not support the idea of walking. According to him, when Muscovites will go to the yard, to check their contacts would be impossible, and the government will get a new increase in morbidity. Then the curve grows even without these concessions: during the day, the number of infected people in the capital increased by a thousand people.

In other regions, a different attitude to the quarantine. Some governors, in particular, Crimea and Kaliningrad said commutation modes: next week there can open businesses, services and trade. Others, such as Sverdlovsk oblast intend to intensify the restrictive measures to the may holidays, the people guaranteed sitting at home. Vladimir Putin initially said that to cut all with the same brush would be wrong: each region needs to decide on the mode of limitations on the basis of the epidemiological situation.

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