Despite the reopening of restaurants in Moscow, regions are not yet ready to allow the caterers to resume work. The halls of the institutions remain closed in St. Petersburg, Voronezh, Novosibirsk and others Regional players record earnings drop by 50% even among those who specializiruetsya on shipping, and verandas can not serve as a replacement for the halls, as they require additional investment.In many regions of Russia continues to operate a ban on the trading rooms, and porches to catering, told “Kommersant” interviewed market participants. The holding company Rosinter (manages the networks of “IL Patio”, “Planeta sushi”, “sikari”, TGI Fridays, etc.) the regions account for 60% of its business, the halls are open only in Moscow but in other cities it works only 10% of restaurants with takeaway and delivery, says the company’s President Margarita Kasteeva. All institutions Rosinter is in 20 regions.McDonald’s summer terrace opened in 12 regions, four of them — Moscow, Krasnodar, Kazan and Tver — work and rooms. The company is present in 59 regions of the country. Institutions KFC opened porches and shopping facilities only in Bashkiria, Udmurtia, Krasnodar region, Kursk and Samara regions, as well as in Moscow and the Moscow region. GK “chocolate” (also has “Coffee house”, “Wabi Sabi,” etc.) bring the regions up to 12% of total revenue. Due to the partners group is present in 35 localities in June for delivery or takeout worked institutions in 16 regions, and only a few were open summer cafes and shopping halls, says Director of franchising GK “chocolate” Maxim Trubnikov.In Novosibirsk and area food establishments that do not operate from March 28. As a result, from February to may, the number of cafes in the city decreased from 622 to 598 establishments, confectionery — from 470 to 453, bars — from 255 to 244, considered in the service 2GIS. In Saint-Petersburg from 29 June allowed the work of the porches, and from July 12 the local authorities promise to remove the restrictions for halls located in street retail establishments. According to the co-owner of the local pizzeria chain “22 cm” Eldar Kabirov, from April to June, the turnover of the St. Petersburg restaurants for delivery decreased by 45-50%. Despite the limitations of the institutions in St. Petersburg continued to work and reported to the Committee on control of property of St.-Petersburg.In Chelyabinsk, the authorities lifted the ban on summer cafe on June 29. The owner working in the region holding the restaurant Showrest Group Tatiana Misurina says that the revenue of its institutions at work on the delivery fell by 95%: “Those who work from paycheck to paycheck, not having a financial cushion, can not open after quarantine”. Mrs. Misurina opened a summer verandah of his three restaurants, but the forecast for demand calls pessimistic. From 29 June opened lEtnies site and in Rostov-on-don.In Voronezh catering establishments opened terraces on 1 July, one of the conditions — partitions between tables. Restaurateur Nikolay Shalygin (“Accordion”, “Cigar 1931 Depositary”) notes that, overall, the industry experienced three months limits without serious losses. “Iconic players continue to work: all provided a grant and forgave taxes for the second quarter, almost all issued preferential loans,” he says. This week lifted the ban on summer cafe, and in the Perm region. According to representatives of the industry, it will help to provide from 30% to 60% of normal net profit institution.According to the General Director “Infoline-Analytics” Michael Burmistrova, open verandas restaurateurs require additional investments and may not become a full replacement for the room service: “Working porch can result in rising costs for rent and payroll, while at the same time will not bring meaningful income.” In General, according to experts, the current crisis will bring down the Russian restaurant market by at least a third, and recovering to turnover 2019 (2.6 trillion rubles, according to estimates by Infoline) will not happen before the second half of 2023.Nikita Sharenkov correspondent network