Personnel changes in the office of the President: what awaits Ukraine?

the New head of the Ukrainian presidential office Andrey Ermak met with ambassadors of the G7 countries. Discussed local elections, including in the Donbass and the exchange of prisoners. Yermak took up his post only three days ago — after Vladimir Zelensky fired the former head of his office Andrey Bogdan. What can affect personnel changes?

Who is mister Yermak? – asks the Ukrainian press. And “Ridna mova” English change not for reasons of political fashion. Introduced in the composition of the national security Council and defence of Ukraine the new head of the presidential office called the chief negotiator Zelensky. That he flew to Madrid to the personal lawyer of the tramp – meeting, which will soon become one of the Central episodes of the American Saga of impeachment. He is from Kyiv, the parties agreed upon the final Declaration of the “Normandy four” after the summit in Paris. He is, according to several sources, in conversation with the special representative of the state Department’s Kurt Volker has posted a photo of his shell-shocked in the Donbass brother, saying: “This is Poroshenko’s fault!”, directly demanding the continuation of the criminal prosecution for the former President.

“the Main property of Ermak is it more than friendly relations with Mr. Giuliani. And Mr. Zelensky now desperately need a visit to Washington: Giuliani and the American President — on the one hand, Ermak and Zelensky, on the other,” — said the Director of the Institute of regional problems, Dmitry Zhuravlev analyst.

from time To time widely known in narrow circles as a lawyer, businessman and even a film producer, in the political arena Andrey Ermak came out during the election debates Zelensky and Poroshenko. Here it is, prudently, hands in pockets, pacing in his scene “Olympic”. And, despite the urgency of the moment did not seem very nervous.

he pan Zelensky knows very well. Ten years of friendship (sayt that the whole “95 quarter” even to dress prefer in the store, which actually managed to Andrey Ermak) and close, almost family, relationship. On these shots, however, Ermak no. But its still copresidents the life of the servant of the people and without the other doing well.

For more official video Andrey Ermak – always over his shoulder at Vladimir Zelensky. Here he pursues the President after the inauguration. Here – stares at Zelensky at the meeting of the UN General Assembly. This is footage of the funeral of the meeting of the plane with the remains of those killed in asiakastieto around Tehran. From the head of state Ermak separated only by the Prime Minister. For a couple of days before Alexey Goncharuk was just resigned, which the President accepted. But with the former head office Andrei Bogdan to stand on ceremony did not become.

“Personnel changes can be, because the team there is a weak, motley. They have, even in recognition of the Zelensky, conflicts, some personal contradictions. People from different environments. One major environment — artistic, nervous, so to speak, of the schizoid type. Therefore, there is not excluded, can even be predicted some major personnel changes. Ermak is not the most important in this business people”, — said the chief editor of the publication “” Iskander Khisamov.

never left the Prime Minister, by the way, in recent days also caused a great noise. Dance, however, Alexey Goncharuk has not yet learned. But to draw attention to myself – completely.

Here’s another 28-year-old native Zhmerinka Alexey Goncharuk rally for the rights of private investors. But among the hired crowd following closely the fate of the Ukrainian spider-man in the TV Studio of a popular talk show. Remembering the pictures of him with the coat, beret and weapon experts shrug. They say, every Prime Minister has their weaknesses.

“the Ermak is a shadow deep enough the figure of a calm and careful man, who calmly solves the or ins questions. I think its coming now will lead to such tectonic changes. Apparently, they now are preparing to clean the Cabinet of this boy Simocatta, the Goncharuk,” — commented the political scientist Oleg Soskin.

that the appointment of Andrey Ermak will lead to serious personnel changes (primarily in the Cabinet), among the Ukrainian politicians now little doubt. And the Prime Minister Goncharuk — not the last of those who may be at risk. Unlike him, spread reports of every step in social networks — the new head office, by the way, people are much more closed. Occasionally publishes a selfie. A little more – pictures of the President Zelensky. But the greatest weakness Andrey Ermak nourishes to other people’s clever ideas. Among them, in particular, the words of Franz Kafka. The decisions that cut way back. Judging by how few “likes” gained the post, these decisions are unpopular. That, however, would not hurt them to accept.