Enjoy the scenery of North-Western Tibet, to see the sights of Russian cities and masterpieces of decorative art, as well as to consider commemorative coins citizens are in the capital’s recreation areas. This summer 11 parks, Department of culture of Moscow, opened the free exhibition. To visit most of them are available until August 31.

the Hermitage Garden invites you to the exhibition of the international charitable Fund of help to animals, which is called “so different and so similar people” . It is open until August 31. Visitors will see photographs of the residents of the capital who rescue people in distress Pets — treat them and parked in good hands. Exhibition stands placed on the fence of the garden (entrance from the street karetnyy Ryad).

for Those interested in the works of Vladimir Vysotsky, it will be interesting to visit the exhibition. The Exhibition “Glory! Laugh! Cry! Shout!” is dedicated to the life and creative path of the poet in his years at the Taganka Theatre. Visitors will see posters, personal notes and unique photographs of the artist. The photo exhibition will continue its work on the main Avenue of the Park until 9 August.

Enjoy shots of the attractions of Russia, such as landscapes of the ancient town of Belozersk and white temples of Yaroslavl, everyone is welcome. Exhibition “travel home. Cities of Russia” opened in the Central alley of the Park (near the grotto) until August 18.

And from 18 August to 18 September will be here to see the exposition. Park visitors will see images of a Russian traveler and military orientalist Bronislav Grachevskogo, which he did in the 80-ies of the XIX century during his expeditions in the Pamir, Kafiristan, Kashmir and northwestern Tibet.

In the parks. The exhibition contains pictures of the memorial money of the Bank of Russia with the image of the Champions and sports symbols. The first coins were minted specially for the Olympics 1980. Since their release became a regular. Today there are about 200 such coins, 30 of them represented at the exhibition. In the landscape Park “Mitino” can be seen at the archaeological area of the Park until August 30, and in “North Tushino” — on the Central square until August 31.

in the Autumn the exhibition will be held in other Moscow parks. So, from 31 August to 29 September, it can be viewed. Exhibition stands will appear in front of the administration building of the Park.

the Manor of father Frost invites to the exhibition “Remembering the feat” dedicated to the 75th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war. The exhibition includes greeting cards May 9, which was released in 1960-1980-ies. Citizens can study them in the mansion of creativity on the second floor until 1 October (daily from 10:00 to 18:00).

the Exhibition until August 31.

Another interesting exhibition — “Masterpieces of art crafts of Russia. From the collection of the national Museum of decorative art” — visitors will have to wait in the Park of arts “Muzeon”. Near the dry fountain, on 17 August will post photos of works of masters from different cities of the country. For example, the shots of the townspeople will see great samples of Russian lacquer miniatures, copies of rare prints images, fine majolica and bright Khokhloma. The exhibition will run until September 15.

Also this summer, for all lovers of active holidays in some rest areas are equipped with modern and convenient So, in Izmailovo Park you can attend aerobics classes, and the garden named after Bauman — to master the ancient Chinese qigong. Jogging clubs opened in the six rest areas. In addition, in 14 city parks regularly hosts free creative and educational activities for children and adolescents. Have fun with the whole family and to recharge your adrenaline, you can rope in towns that are open in eight recreational areas.