heard of the PH? Most of the thinking in this pair of letters to the College of education. Now, this is not my field. I am moving because of your job, advance in the field of insurance. And here is what is meant by PH, the private liability insurance. The Auto liability is compulsory; the liability is voluntary, yet, it is a Must for most.

On Tuesday, the furniture, said at its annual media conference that it was able to increase in the past year, the market share of liability insurance from 19.2 to 19.7 percent. The Announce of the market share belongs to the co-operative insurance almost annual Ritual. Since 2004, she does this without interruption.

But let’s stay with the PH. The probability that it is claimed, is not really large. Very large with the potential for damage. This is especially true for winter sports enthusiasts or Cyclists.

Patric Deflorin is head of insurance. He told me on the edge of the media conference of a case in which the Insured hit a pedestrian on the pile (he said “clashed”, but that doesn’t matter). The pedestrian suffered a complicated fracture of the leg. Also phone and glasses are broken.

Because of the fault of the collision rests with the cyclist, paid for the furnishings for the medical treatment, the lost wages, the cell phone and the glasses is about 20’000 Swiss francs.

Much more expensive you came to those policyholders who drew on the slopes, its curves, and a child is overlooked, which is behind the crest of a hill in the stem turn downstream fleet. The child was critically injured and taken to the hospital via helicopter to be flown. For the rescue of Rega’s costs, hospital and doctor costs are paid, the insurance is far over 100’000 Swiss francs.

It could have been worse: a few years Ago a similar case, in which the child is a heavy skull-brain Trauma with permanent suffered damage occurred. The furniture paid about five million Swiss francs. One can easily imagine what would have happened if the offending skier would have no insurance protection.

most often, the PH of which is claimed, however, to tenant damage. For this reason, house owners pay depending on your insurance, lower premiums as a tenant. However, mandatory that the PH is also important for dog owners and parents. What happens when a child pushes on the top of the slide to be Gschpänli down?

children under the age of 18 years are co-insured in the policy of the parents. However, they are of full age, so it might be depending on the provider, you are no longer insured, although they live in the same household. This could be bad. It is worth to check how it behaves with the insurance protection of a responsible child.