Permyakov reassured buckwheat will have warehouses Packed with products

the Team was divided into two camps — one thoroughly stocking up on food, and other such actions are surprising. The food situation is under the control of the Ministry of industry of the region. About the lack of anything out of the question. If used to do inventory for two weeks now, usually at eight.

Elena collects a food parcel for the delivery service. Today, it is free for pensioners, who bought for the sum from 500 rubles. Head of service for the delivery of products Yuri Gritsuk said: “If before Internet ordering was about 2900 rubles, now it’s 4200”.

the leaders and the stores remain grocery, cereals and pasta. During the week the supermarket chain has sold 30 tons of buckwheat, and usually this amount diverges in a month. On the shelves the products are always in stock.

Vladislav Tonkov, Deputy Minister of industry of the Perm region commented: “We on a daily basis, I’d say hourly, interact with retailers. Operational monitoring products and prices. See that the situation has stabilized.”

In the distribution center under the Krasnokamsk collect orders for specific stores, reports “News of Perm”. Come back daily to 120 trucks that brought more than two thousand pallets.

Anatoly Korzun, Director of the distribution center, said: “All the shops are equipped with automated system of ADR. It calculates the forecasted amount for the next day. And the goods will arrive in the store.”

However, the case of products, operates a primitive rule — the buyers believe only their eyes.

home quarantine now in Prikamye there are more than 2,500 people. The number of volunteers were isolated, grown, also thanks to the all-Russian action “We are together”, which Perm Krai officially joined. Today in the region receive social support 8 thousand people.

Text: GTRK “Perm”