According to the document, permissions, which expire from 15 March to 31 December 2020, and is automatically extended for 12 months. This applies to permits for transportation of passengers in taxi and opinions on the educational-material base of organizations that prepare drivers. The measure also applies to contracts of water use and the authorization granting in using of water objects.

in addition, “hotels, in which fifteen or fewer rooms will be able to continue without a certificate of assignment of categories to January 1, 2022”. Until March 1, 2021 rolled over certificates of accreditation to organizations that deal with classification of hotels, ski slopes and beaches.

in Addition, before October 1 of the current year extended the validity of the results of special assessment of working conditions, until December 31, 2021 – the conclusions of the state ecological expertise.

Finally, the brewing companies are permitted without obtaining a license to produce antiseptic of ethyl alcohol and alcohol-containing waste. This rule will be valid if disinfectants are made for non-commercial purposes, noted in a press-service of the government. For example, for donation to needy organizations.

the Cabinet believes that the decision will reduce the costs of organizations considering the current epidemiological situation.

Earlier in April, the government extended a number of licenses and permits, including for construction, drug manufacturing, communication services and broadcasting. The same decision was taken in respect of accreditation of providers and legal entities engaged in transportation security.