“we have to Work, and not successors to look!” – sometimes loud statements of politicians seem sensational, but actually they really are not. Public recognition of Vladimir Putin that he will probably run for President of the Russian Federation — is a vivid example of this kind of situation. Yes, the question of Russian policy, its “conductor” says it all loud, rude and right. But if it is a sensation, that sensation in the force “retro” – from 10 March this year. It was then that after making “amendments Tereshkova” GDP and revealed his cards showed everyone where the wind blows. The value of the current Putin’s statement is not its content, but in time you speak.

To the popular vote on the fate of amendments in the Constitution remained about ten days. And I must say that so far the campaign is pretty weak. Tell the country that for the corrected version of the Basic law have to vote because it strengthens social security, protects traditional family values and even rights of animals. But it is clear that the basic meaning of upcoming events is quite different. The upcoming vote is a referendum on trust to Vladimir Putin and to give him moral and political right to run for President. All the other constitutional innovation — is nothing more than a side dish to the main political course.

After GDP uttered the words: “I do not rule out the possibility of running”, everything fell into place. Ambiguity — ‘re talking about, I think this is about something else — disappeared. The country clearly States what will be at stake during the event on 1 July. Citizens of the Russian Federation — minded and Pro-Putin and anti-Putin sharply — given reason to either postpone this day of all other business and come to the polling station, or at least to vote online. The mask dropped. Out in the open. On the first day of the second month of summer on the line will put the future of Russian politics. Using emotionally charged language about the “roving eyes in search of possible successors instead of the normal smooth operation” GDP left no ground for doubt about the real value of a vote.

Why GDP suddenly “threw a veil”? Not because he finally came to the conclusion that it is necessarily going to run. Presidential rhetoric that he “for myself, haven’t decided yet” is not an affectation and not grandstanding. The core of Putin’s political style is to retain maximum freedom of political maneuver until the final decision. To make such a final decision about his participation in the next presidential election, Putin used��children closer to 2024. And now before him quite a different task — to mobilize for active participation in the vote of July 1, their supporters, and along with their opponents.

I Understand that my thesis about “the mobilization of its opponents” sounds a bit unusual. Politicians usually prefer to those who intend to vote against them, you better stay home. To lose, as you know, no one likes. But even in the worst scenario for the power loss in the voting of July 1, she is not threatened. In the worst scenario, the authorities threatened unconvincing and the formal victory of the new version of the Constitution. Because citizens now, let’s be honest, not to change the Basic law. Their concern is much more “mundane” problems. Consciously playing to the aggravation, GDP is trying to reverse this situation.

the Signal is emitted simultaneously and the political elite — they say, look at me! Will slowly and formally to fight for a new Constitution will perceive it as a hidden sabotage and passive form of “yaw eyes in search of successors” and the masses of the Russian population. In “translated from Putin’s” citizens say: do not think about the Constitution down! You are not going to vote for a change in bureaucratic language, from which nothing depends. You will solve the question of power! According to the idea of GDP, this “plot twist” should not leave anyone indifferent. We’re not in Luxembourg, in which the change of government nothing in the long run, nothing changes. We are a country in which after the change of power is changing, if not all, almost all.

in Other words, deliberately stirring up Russian society is now, GDP is trying to raise the status of voting July 1, to whet interest in it. Putin needs a convincing victory of his version of the Constitution — and the victory is not presented on a silver platter bowing courtiers, and extracted in a tough fight. Here’s a yard boy and vocabulary, hence the challenge which comes through in presidential rhetoric. Let’s see how this challenge will be the country.