Russian skeleton star Yulia Kanakina has shared a video from her regular training session triggering praise from her followers who were impressed with the athlete’s “perfect” body.

The 24-year-old showed off her intense legs workout while wearing a sports bra and tight-fitting leggings, accentuating her curves.

I’m flying like rocket,” the athlete captioned her picture from a gym, saying she always “feels good” after a training session.

Kanakina’s post didn’t go unnoticed by her followers, who sent her many compliments, including that her “hips are perfect.”

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The 2017 world junior champion, who is widely considered one of the most beautiful female athletes in Russia, is active on social media where she shares photos from her vacations, training sessions, and competitions.

Kanakina gave up ballet classes to take up skeleton, and said she was terrified by the ice track in the beginning and prayed she’d reach the finish line without being injured.

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