Sergey, what’s new driven to Vitebsk?

Sergey Zhilin: the concert Program we made especially for the “Slavianski Bazaar in 2020.” The concert will be held on the Day of the Union state and is called the “Live music”, which in itself illustrates the concept. Almost all of the works that will be performed this evening, are the soundtracks to the films. The Director’s main task is to unite on the same stage, not only artists from Belarus and Russia, but our musical and cinematic past and present, our rich cultural experience. Will feature hits and instrumental compositions, which grew more than one generation of Belarusians and Russians. The theme of the 75th anniversary of the Victory we had planned to reflect, inviting the participants of the project “the Voice of 60+”, but the epidemic had the idea to refuse.

Can you tell which movies will feature music?

Sergey Zhilin: We tried to choose the repertoire of domestic films and foreign. Our cinemalive truly ambitious: “the diamond arm”, “Gentlemen of fortune”, “the Pokrovskie gate”, “12 chairs”, “amphibian Man” – who among us has not watched and not watched these wonderful Soviet tape? Will the soundtracks of American cinema, from the French… do Not want to reveal all of its secrets.

which stars will take part?

Sergey Zhilin: this year we mostly brutal men, as it so happened. Belarus will present the honoured artist of the Republic Alena Lanskaya, Ivan Vabishchevich and… Sergei Volchkov! Everyone knows that he was born in Belarus. Come people’s artist of Russia Dmitri Pevtsov and honored artist of Russia Eugene Dyatlov – two brilliant singer and artist. Will be performed in our orchestra – Irina Bratis, Nina Serova and Eugene Beloyar. As you can see, a concert is planned powerful.

Will the participants of the show “the Voice. The children”?

Sergey Zhilin: Yes, it will be the young singer, who already came with us in Vitebsk last year, Alice Golomysov. We prepared a very unexpected room – he’ll definitely be remembered by the audience!

How was it to work during a pandemic?

Sergey Zhilin: Know, very productive! I’ve been rehearsing finally for this there was a unlimited time. Unfortunately, the scheduled event had to be postponed or cancelled, but online concerts held us in good professional shape. We give about ten concerts and master classes online, it was mostly solo performances. The jazz Day have prepared a special concert with the Quartet and vocals, he posted on YouTube.

did you “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”?

Sergey Zhilin: Without it it is impossible to imagine the cultural program of the summer. This year probably the only large-scale open-air in Europe. It is a place of unity of cultures, center for boundless musical creativity and multicultural friendship. He from the first minute plunges all participants and spectators in a festival atmosphere of his Majesty’s Music. “Slavic Bazaar” diplomatically unites all under the auspices of the festival, and the Day of the Union state is a vivid example.

what it means for you the Federal government?

Sergey Zhilin: Is primarily a unity: two States, two peoples, two cultural traditions. For me, I think for many, there is no difference between Russians and Belarusians – we are Slavic people, who has a long history. The younger generation today don’t really care in their Slavic origins and a Federal state is the most important structure that not only keeps our traditions, culture and history, strengthening the unity, but also educates, gives a reference point in the formation of spiritual values.

What Souvenirs do you bring from Vitebsk?

Sergey Zhilin: Many brought things made of linen, Souvenirs made of birch bark or straw, and here I am, last time he brought the mug. This year will definitely buy something original.

been to the Marc Chagall Museum?

Sergey Zhilin: unfortunately, no, but I hope to visit. The tours are always limited by time, and rarely when I have something to look at, somewhere to walk. Vitebsk – friendly city, it is always a pleasure to come back here.

Sergey Zhilin was born on 23 October 1966 in Moscow. The head of the musical groups called “the Phonograph”. Studied at the Central music school at the Moscow Conservatory, and was expelled. He graduated from vocational school in the specialty “electrician on the aircraft equipment”. In 2012, first entered the musical show “the Voice,” where for eight seasons, live sound delivers the orchestra “Phonograph-Sympho-jazz” under the direction of Sergey Zhilin.