At the beginning of the meeting the head of state thanked the volunteers who selflessly commit good deeds in the name of life and health of citizens: “In this heartfelt generosity and responsiveness, readiness to meet the challenges the world has always been the strength of our people.” Volunteers together with doctors and with everyone who was at his post, he did a lot for the threat began to recede.

“This consolidation of companies, the consolidation of power in one fist is the main decisive factor of success in the fight against dangerous infections,” – says Vladimir Putin. “During the epidemic, the words “we are together” is certainly a symbol of hope for our society, for the whole country, – he stressed. People knew and felt that they are not alone, that will not leave them in trouble, no matter where they lived.”

“At a conservative estimate, volunteers have provided valuable, practical assistance to more than 3 million of our citizens”, – continued the head of state. First of all, who especially needed attention and care, disabled, sick, elderly. Volunteer initiatives are actively supported and business: collected 1.8 billion rubles, he said.

“All of you: volunteers, NGOs, the business community – showed a visible example of civic responsibility, maturity and solidarity,” – said Putin. “Now an epidemic, thank God, retreats, and the scope of tasks for volunteers begins little by little to decline,” he continued. It is summer, and you can relax with a sense of accomplishment, the President said. But the headquarters of the campaign “We are together” not apart. “Well, you know. When there is a cohesive team of like-minded people, experience in challenging conditions, I want to take on new tasks again and again to experience the real joy of helping others,” said the President.

He assured that if necessary additional support, it will be. So, the authorities will try to maintain the most effective measures that were introduced to volunteers during a pandemic. “We will choose the best and most effective that you used in your work and try to save,” – said Putin at the request of one of the participants.

the Veteran from St. Petersburg Zinaida Root in September of 98. She raises funds wanting to help people: 4.5 million rubles have already received the 143 families of the deceased doctors. “You are my most favorite President! – said Kornev. – I always believed in you, that we will have the parade… and he took… And if 75 years ago we had such power, we did not attacked!” The veteran was asked to help build a rehabilitation center for disabled children near St. Petersburg, and the President promised that all will be. Another veteran – Igor Vinogradov, which this year will be 91 years – world record holder in acrobatics, coach on a voluntary basis. He asked for a trampoline room. “The trampoline will be, I promise, ��AMI just on the trampoline do not show anything, no need already, okay? Let the girls jumping”, – Putin smiled.

the President supported the idea to name the streets in the cities in honor of the physicians who gave their lives in the fight for the lives of others in a pandemic. The proposal was turned volunteer medic from Makhachkala Gadzhi Shakhnazarov, who recently lost his father due to the coronavirus. Putin did not rule out that it can be not only the streets but schools, nursing schools, institutes.

the Volunteers suggested that in preparation for the “Straight line” complaints from citizens were received in the electronic system – they then can as quickly as possible to work, and that they were taken through the volunteer window that is 400 MFC. Putin said that during the preparation of the “Straight line” will offer to implement these ideas, but to do so to the maximum return to be able to handle the largest possible array.

the Leaders of Russia and France Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel macron on the negotiations in the format of the videoconference discussed numerous issues – from partnerships to address the world’s problems and combat coronavirus to regional crises. By tradition communicated to “you” and by name. Today in the world of new threats, one of them is the coronavirus. “And we can’t hold our meetings”, – said Putin, while adding that current format into something even more effective. Communication through screen allows you to save time on the flight, but of course it’s not as nice as meeting in person, noticed the Makron. The coronavirus, he added, did not allow the leaders to meet on June 24 at the Victory Parade. “I wanted to be physically present at the event – sincerely assured him. As I’ve already written and I want to say again, France pays tribute to honor the sacrifices of the Soviet people during the Second world war.” The French President also stressed the importance of the protection of historical memory. “This is our common Victory. And this, of course, our common heritage – the Victory over Nazism”, – Putin said, stressing the urgency of joining efforts in the fight against common challenges and threats. The leaders also noted the special responsibility of Russia and France as permanent members of the UN security Council for the maintenance of international peace and security. There is a huge importance is the implementation of the Russian initiative on the summit of the “nuclear five”.