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– When people think there is no infection here, so they behave as usual. It is worrying, ” says Geir Aarskog.

He lives in Porsanger in Finnmark – a municipality where there is so far no confirmed cases of koronasmitte.

Aarskog think it is scary to see how the population relates to the information that is provided.

– When I was at the store on Friday, it was packed with people. They felt it was okay for “on VG it says that no infected here,” he says.

– But here are almost no tested – people are just asked to stay home. So the youth “runs around” and everyone relaxes because they think it is safe. The media is as part of this responsibility in the way they inform on. This is not good.

Geir Aarskog is a former Left politician, and has been the health and sosialsjef in Porsanger. Now he is worried about a serious infection in the municipality, as a result of that people are not good enough to keep distance.

Photo: Private Only eight infected in Finnmark

the health Authorities have been clear that it is the big unknown on the infected, and not all with the symptoms of respiratory tract infection can be tested.

Persons with need for hospitalization or the underlying illness, residents of health institutions, health professionals and those who have been in close contact with confirmed infections is a priority.

Others are recommended to stay at home for one day after they have been symptomfrie.

Mayor Aina Borch (Ap) in Porsanger says that the municipality follow these guidelines for testing. Therefore, only 25 of the approximately 4,000 residents have been tested for korona.

the Municipality has received feedback that people think that it should be tested for little. Combined with that smittetallene in Northern Norway are among the lowest in the country, this can create a sense of false security.

Only 73 of the 6575 tests have been conducted in Northern Norway has been positive. In Finnmark county has only eight people had proven infection.

On a national basis is in excess of 61.000 people tested, and nearly 2.400 of these have covid-19.

This graphic shows what you should do to prevent contamination of the koronaviruset. Even if you are healthy, you should among other things, avoid the larger crowds – but not everyone is as good to follow this.

Graphics: NRK Difficult to have an overview

Geir Aarskog is on their side, afraid that it hides itself koronasmitte also in Porsanger, and therefore dislike him, that some do not take into account national guidelines.

– Then it is easy for that you can get a serious infection here, too, says Aarskog.

Mayor Borch has received enquiries from several parts Aarskogs concern.

– Many people might think that it is not so dangerous because we do not have proven infection here, ” she says.

– at the same time, we know not for sure whether it is infection or not. When the national have added on the way to test on, it is difficult to have completely overview. We know that you do not need to have specific symptoms in order to carry infection – it does that all have to opptrå with caution.

the Mayor of Porsanger, Aina Borch, says they follow the guidelines from the health authorities when it comes to testing for koronaviruset.

Foto: Jan Harald Tomassen / NRK Against the guidelines to test blindly

Four of the eight cases that have been found in Finnmark, Alta. Here they together tested just under 100 people.

This is also not a particularly high figure considering that there are 20.000 people in the municipality, but kommuneoverlege Frode Øvrejord shows that the mayor of Porsanger that they follow national guidelines for who should be tested.

– We have good control on the smittetilfellene here, have made tracing the infection and not detected any new cases as of now, ” says Øvrejord.

He admits that it is impossible for them to have control over all the inhabitants of the municipality and that it can be unknown, but at the same time, he sees no reason to increase the testvirksomheten.

– Then we need to start testing blindly. It is contrary to all guidelines and when we go out for testmateriale pretty fast.

Kommuneoverlege Frode Øvrejord in the Alta believes they have control on the smittetilfellene in the municipality.

Photo: KRISTINA KALININA / NRK Introduced the southerner-quarantine

Øvrejord have the impression that the people in the municipality have been good to follow the advice from the health authorities, and encourage you to continue with this.

It also makes the mayor Aina Borch in Porsanger.

She says the municipality is doing what they can to prevent infection. Therefore, Porsanger, like many other municipalities in the north, introduced a so-called southerner-quarantine for people who come from areas with more infection.

– We want to break smittekjeden and hold Northern Norway, most smudge proof, says Borch.

– It is not appropriate for us to introduce measures against the people who gather in the municipality now, but it is important that one takes the precautions that the authorities comes with, to avoid larger smitteutbrudd. I sign fortunately also that there are very many people who take this seriously.

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