The rising prices are becoming more and more noticeable and are leaving their mark accordingly. In April, the strongest sales slump ever measured was recorded in the food trade. The trade assumes that low-income people in particular can simply afford less.

In many shops there was not much going on in April. This is reported by the Federal Statistical Office. The rising prices seem to weigh heavily on people’s wallets.

The extent to which people in Germany have to save can be seen in the essentials: Supermarkets and other food retailers reported the sharpest drop in sales for April since records began in 1994.

Retail assumes that low-income people in particular will simply be able to shop less.

At Klarna, around 700 employees were recently laid off. The founder of the company has now published a list with the majority of those affected. This should help them get new jobs faster.

Billions from the special fund are to be used to procure heavy transport helicopters. There were two providers to choose from – with different price ranges. The Ministry of Defense has now decided – without comparing the costs.

On the first day, the reduction in fuel taxes did not fully reach motorists. On the second day, the prices rise again. The cartel office sees potential for reductions and an economist sees the oil companies as the winners of the measure.