The rising prices are leaving their mark. In April, the strongest sales slump in the food trade was recorded. The trade assumes that low-income people in particular can simply afford less.

In many shops there was not much going on in April. This is reported by the Federal Statistical Office. The rising prices seem to weigh heavily on people’s wallets.

The extent to which people in Germany have to save can be seen in the essentials: Supermarkets and other food retailers reported the sharpest drop in sales for April since records began in 1994.

The trade assumes that low-income people in particular will simply be able to shop less.

More about the prices in Germany:

Millions of German tenants have to adjust to rising housing costs: Germany’s largest real estate company, the Dax group Vonovia, considers significant rent increases to be inevitable given the high inflation rates.

Before the tax relief, there was speculation that fuel prices at filling stations would only fall slowly. A quick analysis of around 400 gas stations shows that things are going much faster than expected – even if not everywhere.