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After that, the prohibition to be in the cabins outside the own hjemkommuner was extended to apply to over easter, many have tried to find creative solutions.

People have both sought to change the place of residence to their huts, and parkerert the motorhome’s outside the cabin.

Now has more also elected to order the hotel reservations at Scandic Hafjell in Øyer municipality in order to be able to spend the holiday season in the mountain without breaking the law. It makes Kommuneoverlege Anders Brabrand now have required the hotel to shut down.

– It is a large hotel with over 100 rooms. If it gets filled up at easter it will be difficult to follow all the rules, ” he says.

It was the newspaper Norwaynews Dagningen as Thursday morning wrote that the cabin owners had booked themselves into the hotel in the easter season, and just hours after the took the Brabrand decision to shut down.

Closed until after easter

Brabrand tells us that the order of closure basically will last to 13. april, that is as long as hytteforbudet per day.

– This is not the hotel’s fault. They have not done anything wrong, ” says Brabrand.

But when people are constantly looking for loopholes to circumvent the påleggene, so we need to go to this step to close the hotel, ” he adds.

He emphasizes at the same time that the vast majority follows the rules and stays away from the cabin. Nevertheless, there are a few who look for loopholes to get to spend easter at the cottage.

– They have then made themselves a hotel room to sleep there for the night, and spend the days at the cottage, ” he says.

EMPTY COTTAGES: Islands in the municipality of bor, according to SSB 5100 people. At the same time, there are over 3300 cabins. Now are all of them empty.

Photo: Ragnhild Moen Holø / NRK

Brabrand describes it as very “umusikalsk”.

It can for many might not seem so serious, but when you see that they in Spain set up the tent in the ishaller to keep the dead people because they don’t have the space in likhusene you will realize the seriousness, ” he says.

What they do is to undermine the intention of not burdening the health care system. We must turn to the measures in place to find ways to avoid them, ” he adds.

Brabrand is also kommuneoverlege in Fronskommunene, Gausdal and Ringebu in addition to the Islands. Now he will find out about several of them in open accommodations that are being used to circumvent the hytteforbudet.

Kommunikasjonssjefen in Scandic Norway says to GD that they have respect for the decision to kommuneoverlegen. They think it is essential to contribute to the national dugnaden.

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