The Coronavirus is spreading further and further. Day-to-day increase in the number of cases, also in Germany, have infected almost 30,000 people. Neither scientists nor politicians seem to know what to expect in the next few weeks. Experts contradict each other, even within Germany there are no uniform measures. The power of fear. Fear that there is information to be concealed. Fear, on the next day itself to be a part of.

Borwin Bandelow knows these Fears. He is a psychologist, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist and know what’s going on in people in such situations. The anxiety researcher, explains: “It is something New, something Unpredictable and Unmanageable. People overestimate the risk of extremely to be a victim of this new threat.“

The Same applied, for example, in the case of terrorist attacks, even in the case of earlier diseases you’ve seen it already. Known hazards such as the flu or car accidents we would hide, however, even if the death rates are much higher.

When politicians and scientists change their minds, insecure people

In the population prevails great uncertainty, The fear, to not know all the information that is concealed, is rounded up according to size. “People believe that if scientists or politicians say something, then it’s true”, says anxiety researcher. “If they change their mind, unsettled the people.”

you begin to question whether the information that you will really vote. So much doubt could arise, for example, of the reported infection numbers, or risks of the Virus.

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recall the WHO warning has unsettled a lot of people

As an example, Bandelow announced the discordant opinions on the danger of Ibuprofen, which were published last week by experts. About a week ago, a voice message, which reported on alleged studies, University of Vienna, became widespread. Accordingly, Ibuprofen should not affect the disease course of Covid-19 and worsen.

Many experts commented on the study, classified them as Fake News. As a result, the world health organization investigated the case and made a Ibuprofen-warning – this however, two days later.

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people think scientists are all-knowing

“As a scientist, you know that data can be interpreted in different ways. That experts can change their minds,“ explains Bandelow. “The people don’t know this however, you will have to keep the scientists for knowing. Think of when you say something, it is true, then the expert must correct it.“

The Same applies to politicians: “On a day you advise of a school closure, the next day, the children have to stay at home,” says Bandelow. “Politicians change their minds – and thus we can’t handle.” The impact of federalism is that politicians imposed on Germany inconsistent measures, could lead to uncertainty and mistrust. “It is the feeling, the white of a Hand is not what the other is doing,” explains the fear researchers.

“fear of the Virus is more contagious than the Virus itself”

And this mistrust of width. “In Germany, the fear of the Virus is more contagious than the Virus itself,” explains Bandelow. “All are in a panic, in the least know someone who has been infected or the consequences of the disease died.”

In Germany, the fear is disproportionate, the “end of days” spooky, the concern is to get something not said, large.

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We must learn to bear with the not knowing

“You have to learn to bear with the not knowing,” says the fear researchers. “Accept that politicians and scientists to change their minds.” Thus, it would be much easier for us with such dangers to deal. Finally, it is, of course, that even experts can learn.

in Addition, the fear of researchers advises to “a healthy Dose of fatalism”. “Look at the Numbers, keep in mind how unlikely it is for you to actually die of this Virus.” The part of our brain, the is for reason, responsible, can work with statistics and clear information better.

“We have learned, other dangers to hide. For example, that we could die every day in a car accident. With the caution that we are driving on the highway, should we go now through life“, advises the anxiety researcher.

There are so many other hazards that threaten us day in and day out. This does not mean, however, to afraid to go through life – quite the contrary. “Life is dangerous – but it has always been. If we accept this truth, it is better for us.“

Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease