In order to avoid pandemics in the future, you should change the number of behavioral habits. For example, you need to get rid of the handshakes at the meeting, said the microbiologist from the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine Baron Piot, writes edition the Daily Telegraph.

According to him, the traditional handshake, you can replace the greeting in Japanese style. Piot also believes that the wearing of masks and observance of social distance while respiratory diseases have become the norm in society.

Pmot cited statistics from Australia. There was recorded a decrease of patients with influenza and other infectious diseases on the background of measures of social distancing. According to the scientist, in order to avoid epidemics in the long term can be directed cultural patterns in different countries.

Recall that in early July, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said about a possible tightening mask mode due to the weakening of the restrictive measures imposed because of the coronavirus. According to the head of the government, citizens faster return to normal life if they follow the recommendations.