Belarusian riot police firing at protesters with rubber bullets.

“Medusa” has reported that security forces opened fire near the metro station “Pushkinskaya” in Minsk. Was heard a long queue.

Rubber bullets used during the storming of houses in which, according to the police, unable to hide the protesters, reports the edition “Rise”.

“Sputnik Belarus” reported that the security forces clean up at the center of Minsk microdistrict Serebryanka. The audience fired rubber bullets and used stun grenades. People are hiding in the yard.

There have been several clashes between protesters and Riot police, the crowd threw at the security forces trash, firecrackers and stones.

The Belarusians were left without Internet

On Dzerzhinsky Avenue near the shopping center “Magnet” protesters smashed with rocks the Windows of a police bus, after which riot police put up shields and moved into the crowd, trying to push people towards ring road. Were heard sounds of shooting.

The crowd began to disperse and hide in the Park Pavlova, as well as in the yards of houses.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that after the presidential elections in Belarus, the country began protests, which continue the third night. In the afternoon of 11 August, the interior Ministry of Belarus reported that during the first two shares, which were held in 33 cities across the country, were arrested about three thousand people, including about a thousand in Minsk, killed one person, injured more than 50 civilians and 39 police officers.