a Politicians, scientists and hired military experts made a forecast of developments with the detained in Minsk Russians.

Representatives of the Russian foreign Minister met with compatriots detained in Minsk, reports RIA Novosti, citing the Consul of the Russian Embassy in Belarus, Kirill Pletnev.

He believes that the arrest of the Russians, the visible bias of the Minsk authorities. Pletnev called the position of the detained Russians of collusion with opposition politicians Sergei Tikhanovski and Nikolai Statkevich invalid and far-fetched, writes gazetasi.

This week in the sanatorium of Minsk and in the South of Belarus, was detained 33 of the citizen of Russia, which the Belarusian side is called the soldiers of PMC Wagner, who came ostensibly to destabilize the country before presidential elections. The head of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko believes it happened by accident.

Belarusian political analyst Alexey Jerman in the air NSN said that the Russians, who are now giving evidence to the Belarusian secret services, are suspected of involvement in criminal cases against the opposition Sergei Tikhanovski and Mikalai Statkevich and are members of private military companies (PMCs).

“In connection with the activities Tikhanovski two criminal cases: the organization of mass riots and attempt of destabilization in the country during the election period. They are in the status of suspects on two criminal counts related to the activities Tikhanovski, Statkevich,” – said the source NSN.

The head of the PMC RSB-group Oleg Krinitsyn in the air NSN confirmed earlier appeared information about the fact that Belarus has become a transit point military specialists in the conditions of a pandemic. This is also stated on the eve of the Russian Ambassador in Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev, who called the detained Russians, employees of the security company, bound for Istanbul.

“Belarus today is a kind of hub in the conditions of closed borders. It was a place where people could fly to other countries. Belarus was in their economic interest. These people they detained to use for political purposes. To blackmail in order to get any preferences from Russia”, – said the Krinitsyn.

According to political analyst Alexei Zemanta, Belarus may issue of the detained Russians, who supposedly have Ukrainian citizenship, Kiev. Finding PMCs on the territory of Belarus in Minsk is considered unfriendly on the part of Russia.

“An acute question, whose citizenship will be a priority, Russian or Ukrainian. In my opinion, to give these people the Ukraine is impossible, it will greatly aggravate relations with Moscow. It will be a serious outrage,” – said Jerman.

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov in the air NSN have expressed their own attitude tothe event in Belarus and addressed in connection with the arrest of Russians to the President of the Republic.

“The people were unarmed, without form, nothing did. Most suspicious of what they did in Belarus – do not drink alcohol. Very strange indeed Russian, it is necessary to initiate a criminal case. And to be honest, Alexander G., what are you, potatoes stuffed or what,” said Milonov.