Penza universities through “KGB” manuals identifies students carrying a hidden threat to the government
Penza Komsomol / Telegram

the Administration of the Penza state University (PSU) gave the curators of student groups reminder about how external signs to recognize a “threatening” students. It is reported by 7×7.

36-page training manual compiled “on the basis of modern research activity of young people” on the Internet and “reflects the most common toxic content.” The contents of the memo PSU, the Agency reports, is borrowed from another booklet – “Handbook on the identification of signs of risk behaviors in social media.” It was issued by JSC “Cribrum” in proceedings of the conference “Digital hygiene” in April 2019. On the company’s website says that the group of companies InfoWatch and “Ashmanov and partners” created “Cribrum” to develop an intelligent system for monitoring and analyzing social media. The company’s founders – Igor Ashmanov and Natalia kasperskaya.

Ashmanov hinted that his company attracts people from law enforcement agencies. “We have a large group of analysts. Including former employees of the interior Ministry and other security services as well as linguists and behavioral psychologists,” he said. That compilation of manuals can be involved members of the FSB may indirectly specify that it separately negotiated struggle with criticism of the work of counterintelligence.

Another founder of “Cribrum”Natalya Kaspersky, according to media reports, tied to the FSB. However, she herself, such cooperation is denied, wrote “Vedomosti”.

difference between the two manuals is only one – Moscow formulated on the basis of some studies of the adolescent environment, and Penza is used to “study” the environment of the student.

as an external sign of “threatening” student training manual, PSU provided clothing with the “aggressive” label, for example, “hate”, “normal people are scared of me”, “nothing to lose” and things with images of weapons, Nazi or “aggressive Soviet symbols”.

in addition, the administration considers suspicious, if students have piercings on the face or ears. Acceptable is less than four piercings in girls and up to two punctures in boys. If the bruises and scratches on the body of the student appear more than twice in a month, it also speaks to the “tendency to self-destructive behavior.” The authors of the memo suggest to be careful and young people in the headphones. According to them, man, most of the time walking in them, avoids contact with others.

Outlet opinion during a conversation or “nervous” student (who scratches their nose, frequently adjusts her clothing, stomps his foot, looks around) can also “pose a threat”. Nervous without risk to attract increased attention from the administration is allowed only before a test or exam.

About student participation in “destructive movements” you can say that if he “laughs for no reason, laughs at death, crying for no reason crying about the positive messages,” draws “the terrible and frightening images” or just shade paper.

“a Potential sign of deviation or deviant behavior” is considered “student participation in the group that wears similar clothes together holds change, together goes home.” The authors of the memo did not approve of “drawings on the body, fighting, communication with inmates” and use in speech the “thieves ‘ slang”, is included in the phrase “Good you a party”.

Administration of PSU also sees a threat to the anarchists. They can be identified by the anarchist books, interest in the history of revolutions and “negative attitude to the government and law enforcement agencies (especially the FSB)”. To identify such students, the authors suggest in chants of “FSB – the main terrorist”, “FSB torturing your children”, “Freedom or death”, “Eat the rich”, “Forbidden to forbid”, “Our homeland is the whole world our law is freedom”.

In the training manual States that a student may participate in “destructive sects”, if it fits at least three points from the list.

the Rector of PSU’s reassuring that there are no sanctions against students training manual does not provide. According to him, it only encourages supervisors to observe the behavior of the student, “help and support”. The results of this work yet to fail sooner.

Students associated with the appearance of manuals in Penza with a business “Network”*. At the time of arrest at PSU studied one of the convicts Ilya Sikorski and the other person involved is his friend Egor Zorin.

associate Professor Higher school of Economics, candidate of historical Sciences, researcher of the Centre for independent social research Dmitry Dubrovsky noted that the training manual reminds “Komsomolskaya “of kazilovka” that look like anti-Soviet elements and the consequences of listening to Queen or the Sex pistols”. “That’s exactly it. Only then it was hippies and dudes who wore long hair and jeans. Remember, Yes – “Today you play jazz, and tomorrow homeland sell”? Now it’s headphones, piercings and t-shirts with “asocial” reading”, – said the scientist.

we would Add that prepared the first training manual company “Cuibrom” actively engaged in monitoring of social networks. It pumps out data from all of such services of the Russian Internet (Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Live Journal, TikTok, Telegram – a total of 340 million Russian-language accounts, which belong to the 80 million users) and all online media (22 thousand). Approximately 75% of all accounts analysts deflate every 15 seconds, the rest within one to two hours. The system automatically determines the subject of the messages, their tone (positive/negative/neutral), identifies the distribution scheme, the stuffing, the destructive groups and their leaders.

According to the experts “Cribrum”, in destructive trends in Runet involved about 5 million accounts of Russian Teens (35% of the total number of adolescents in Russia). To this threat the authors of the manuals include ultradian (football fans, street fights, anti-fascists), anarchism and deviant behavior and the shock of the content, Satanism, drug abuse, Nazism and sculpting (mass school shootings).

All of them, according to the authors, lead to lower academic achievement and truancy, “aggressive ignoring and condescending attitude towards the teacher”, “the contempt and persecution of a teacher”.

*”network” – a group recognized as terrorist by the decision of the Moscow district military court on 17 January 2019 banned in Russia.