As told in the government of the Penza region, it has become possible thanks to the quality and timely response of the security services on the threat of ignition and fire development of the state forest Fund. The specialists of forestry assists new technique and modern equipment purchased in the framework of realization of Federal project “forest Conservation” of the national project “Ecology”.

this year, for the protection of forests in the region have acquired drones, four forest fire complex, tractor, ATV, four, almost three dozen off-road vehicles, fire Cisterna, chainsaws and other machinery in excess of 50 million rubles.

– Thanks to the implementation of the national project “Ecology” and regional programmes, initiated by the Governor Ivan by Belozertseva, all modern appliances is already running, brings a tangible contribution to very important work to preserve our forests, our nature, – said the Minister of forestry, hunting and nature management of the Penza region Alexander Moskvin. In June the limit of budgetary funds allocated to the region for the current year, fully developed. Penza oblast at the Federal level for the second consecutive year is celebrated as the region most effective for the procurement of forestry equipment in the shortest possible time. Thus due to the competition and reduced the prices at the auction are able to purchase additional equipment in excess of the plan.

In the state natural Zoological reserve “lomovskaya” Luninsky area during a press tour organized by the regional Ministry of forestry and the Department of the Penza region, demonstrated the work of foresters. The reserve was established in 2017 to protect rare and endangered animals. Nowadays its area is more than eight thousand hectares. Protected areas created to reduce anthropogenic effects on nature, as well as for the preservation and reproduction of natural conditions of rare and endangered species of plants and animals. On-site Lomovskaya 13 of the reserve grow rare species of plants, live insects, birds, animals listed in the Red book of the Penza region. For example, river otters that are on the verge of extinction. Also, are bred for hunting types.

– In our sanctuary marked increase in the number of animals. Moose bring an issue and now there are more than 70 goals, about three dozen deer, there are wild boars, which is not much, but under favorable conditions their numbers will also grow, says the wildlife Manager of the refuge Alexey Krasilnikov.

In the Penza region created 86 of specially protected natural territories, whose total area is 76 thousand hectares. Among them, the state reserve Federthe detailed values of the “Privolzhskaya forest-steppe”, 78 natural monuments and seven national Zoological reserves of regional significance.

Thanks to the work of the Penza Ministry of forestry for five years, the area of specially protected territories of regional value was increased by almost 30 thousand hectares. Currently, work is under way to establish five new nature monuments: “Prisursky Dubrava”, a section of the river Sura lake “Sandero”, lake “Pieczarka” and “Kesarovski solonetz”. Due to them the area of protected natural objects will increase by 700 hectares.