this was announced at a briefing the Minister of economy of the Penza region Sergey Kapralov.

there will be reduced tax rates under a simplified taxation system for organizations and individual entrepreneurs operating in the affected industries of up to one percent each object of taxation “income” and to five percent by object of the taxation “the incomes reduced by size of expenses”.

in addition, reduced to 1.6 per cent rate on tax on property of organizations in respect of the property, the tax on which is calculated on the basis of the cadastral value. Also provided by the deferred payments on rent of immovable property including land plots being in ownership of Penza region. Cut in half the cost of a patent for individual entrepreneurs in the affected industries.

these types of support resulted in a shortfall in incomes of the regional budget in the amount of almost 500 million rubles. And raised in the budget of the Penza region from March to August of this year on microfinance and warranty support of subjects of small and medium enterprises 146 million rubles.

currently limit the amount of funding brought to the region, is working on additional capitalization of the Fund “Guarantor,” which helps small businesses to obtain loans on preferential terms. So from April to July, the Fund “Surety” was issued 81 crisis loan at a concessional rate of 2.1 percent per annum in the amount of 261 million rubles, and five guarantees in the amount of 15.5 million rubles. This will enable businesses to attract additional 25,6 million rubles. In addition, the company was granted a deferral of 62 existing loan agreements.

In our region of 14.1 thousand enterprises and organizations from the list of affected industries claimed on a grant support of $ 12130 rubles. At the moment the subjects of small and medium enterprises from the Federal budget paid more than 826 million rubles, – said Sergey Kapralov.

the Number of potential recipients of a subsidy to resume activities and purchase of disinfectants in the region amounted to about 3.6 thousand enterprises. According to the Ministry of economic development of Russia at the beginning of August the application for a grant filed 2235 Penza organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Accepting applications lasts until August 15. Already received a subsidy 2218 organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the region for a total amount of 78 million rubles. Potential amount of the grant for the Penza region is 108.5 million rubles.

According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on credits for the resumption of activities at a concessional rate of two percent approved 2 404 applications worth over 4.6 billion rubles. In addition to l��gotei bets available to entrepreneurs specific terms of repayment. If you save 90% of the personnel, the money return is not necessary. If employment will be maintained at not less than 80 per cent of the authorized strength, in this case written off half of the loan and interest thereon.

While the loans can expect not only the companies from the affected sectors and socially oriented NGOs, as well as companies from sectors requiring support to resume activities. These include manufacturers of clothing, furniture, sporting goods, consumer electronics and other important regional industries. To use the program until December this year.

interest-free loans to pay salaries approved 427 applications for $ 902,4 million rubles.

According to the program “3 1/3” (deferred payment of a loan of six months for SMEs and dividing interest payments into three equal parts: 1/3 paid by the state, 1/3 to be paid by the borrower, 1/3 of the Bank’s losses) from the region were nine approved applications in the amount of 78 million rubles.