Penza brown bears Zach and Matthew was 7 years old

Brown bears Zach and Matthew are celebrating the seventh birthday. In honor of the staff of the Penza zoo has prepared for the brothers entertaining gift, reports GTRK “Penza”.

“Immediately after the birth, still quite tiny cubs abandoned by mother bear. Therefore, our employees become their new parents. They picked up the weakened kids Russian names — Zachary and Matthew,” they say in the zoo.

the representatives of the press service of the institution said that now bears become real “Russian heroes”.

“This couple loves to work on the public — daily show visitors the items struggle a variety of games and leprosy. They are by nature very artistic. In our region, brown bears, alas, are rare. They are included in the Red Book of the region, and they can be found only in Zemetchinskogo district,” — said the zoo staff.

Text: GTRK “Penza”