Non-state pension funds (NPF) from 1 August increased payments to customers who receive lifetime or fixed term pensions. Weighted average adjustment factors that form the basis of the increase, according to the calculations, “b”, equal to 8% and 7.1%, respectively. This is somewhat below the indicators of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). The lag NPF can be attributed to the effect of the small size of the investment portfolios, of which payments of funded pensions.Weighted average adjusted life of the funded pension payments from 1 August to 8%. This follows from statements 29 NPF, working in system of obligatory pension insurance (OPS). Urgent adjustment of pension payments to private funds the average was 7.1%. The pension Fund of Russia previously reported (see “Kommersant” on 26 may) that its adjustments amount to 9.1% and 8% respectively. The FIU receive a lifetime pension of 80 thousand people, Express — 32 thousand people. The NPF adjustment will affect tens of thousands of citizens.The correction coefficients is the minimum size of increase of funded pensions. The increase in payments is due to the entering of additional contributions by the state program of co-financing of pension savings (see “Kommersant” on 23 December 2019). For example, the correction factor for the NPF “Surgutneftegas” accounts for 10.4%, but for some customers making voluntary contributions for the co-financing program, the increase in lifetime pensions from August 1, could amount to 22.1 percent indicate in the Fund. “In testimony of the real adjustments also gets investment income just retired people, which has been accrued on the accumulation account during the period when the pension has not yet been assigned to them”,— said the head of the Department of personal registration of the NPF Safmar Natalia Fadeeva.Monthly life’s (contributory) pension is mainly prescribed for women who have reached 55 years and men under the age of 60, at which on the account has accumulated sufficient funds to make payments exceed 5% of all monthly pension benefits (including the insurance portion). Otherwise, the accumulated funds paid in a lump sum. For military pensions eligible citizens, which in the framework of OPS to make voluntary contributions for programme co-financing or it was transferred to the maternity capital.The size of payments on pension savings increases annually on 1 August, depending on the investment results of the corresponding portfolios obtained in the previous year. Appointed for life pension is in the payment reserve for urgent pensions — the provision of urgent payments. “Correction factors actuaries consider funds. They depend only on earned income and is calculated so that the den�� in the reserves was enough for a payout, as amended, the amount of all due time”,— explains the head of the Department of personal registration of the NPF Safmar Natalia Fadeeva.The NPF is concentrated 22.5 billion RUB. in the payment reserve and RUB 2.7 bn of the provision of urgent payments. Portfolios FIU manages the state of UK web.RF — paymaster reserve amounts to 19.8 billion rubles., and the provision of urgent payments — 5 billion roubles the Minimum correction factor lifetime pension was the Fund Gefest (4,4%), “building complex” (4,9%) and Sberbank private pension Fund (5.1 percent). 11 funds adjustment exceeded the FIU, including the leaders became the main Fund “Volga-Capital” (15,6%), “the First industrial Alliance” (13,8%), NPF “Transneft” (11,9%). The same funds exceeded those of the FIU and the correction coefficient of urgent payments. The leaders also were “Volga-capital” (11,5%) and NPF “Transneft” (11,1%) and NPF “rostec” (11.2 per cent). The minimum factors are the Foundation of the “Alliance” (2,5%), NPF of Sberbank (5%) and “Future” (of 5.4%).Death within a few hours, perhaps even minutes, whereas a pension is poverty: for the whole life”private foundations formed is not very large portfolios in the payment reserve and urgent payments in contrast to the FIU. In order to ensure the regular payment of this requires the NPF to hold funds in liquid and conservative instruments. VEB due to the scale of the investment space for maneuver wider,”— said the founder of the project “My pension” Sergei Kolesnov. In his opinion, it could have caused a small backlog of private foundations from the performance of the FIU. However, he recalled that at the expense of commitments remuneration of the private funds have lagged behind indicators of the state criminal code and for the core portfolio was split off (see “Kommersant” on 28 February), after which invested the pension funds of citizens at the stage of accumulation.Ilya Usov