In the public space thrown another socially significant idea relating to older people. The initiative comes from the member of Public chamber of Russia Sultan Khamzayev. In the letter addressed to Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina he asks “to develop an additional mechanism of targeted assistance to each pensioner in Russia, with a one-time payment of 15 thousand rubles by analogy with the assistance provided by the state to families with children.” In connection with the spread of the coronavirus, these citizens were in a special “risk group”, many are missing additional sources of income, their average costs only for drugs has increased by 4 thousand rubles. These arguments Khamzayev is not challenged.

But while we see only the original message is quite relevant, but require comprehension. Upon closer inspection, some points in this story begin to embarrass. So, take 15 thousand rubles and stupidly multiplied by 44 million – as of today, Russian pensioners. Get 660 billion rubles. Lifting does this amount to the state? In principle, Yes, given that the measures of support already provided by the authorities to the population and business during the period of coronaries amounted to more than 2 trillion rubles. Of them a few hundred billion left for a lump sum of 10 thousand families with children under the age of 16 years. A fraction of this money was taken from the national welfare Fund (NWF), which on July 1 was listed 12.1 trillion rubles (April 1 – 12,9 trillion).

it is Obvious that 15 Grand is a significant help for the majority of our elderly is comparable to the average size of their pensions. It is also clear that these payments would have gone to urgent needs, to buy medicine, clothes and shoes, some household items. But it seems that the promise comes at about the “additional mechanism” hangs in the air, as previously happened with the idea to give everyone, without exception, the Russians on the nth fixed amount of “helicopter money”. Alas, we are not the United States, where every citizen with an annual income of less than $75 million received from the government $1200, and we are not Japan, where each inhabitant has allocated $926.

However, the problem is not only that the domestic economy is not comparable in its potential with the American or Japanese. To find the country of “superfluous” 660 billion rubles, and then distribute them among pensioners – task with many unknowns. Nuances enough – both technical and financial, conjunctural and political. And all of them are closely intertwined. Take the question of why the Federal budget is expected to request the required amount to make this painless? Pension Fund immediately disappears, because it depends critically on the state Treasury because of the lower volume of premiums coming into the system of the FIU, the government has to subsidize it by an additional 1 trillion rubles��in her year. As for untouchable FNB, the admission to this sacred cow, and then a relative, have only heads of state corporations, is rapidly impoverished in every crisis.

in addition, retired seniors alike. For example, we have over 2 million people receive a disability pension, 1.5 million – due to the loss of the breadwinner, and 2.2 million on superannuation: it is military, police, judges, prosecutors, residents of Northern regions. All others receive her old age, after reaching a certain age. So who in the end have to give 15 thousand roubles, will it be all 44 million statistical pensioners, or only the old age pensioners, or only idle? And what about those whose pensions are through the roof for many tens of thousands: former deputies, former top executives (these are payments from private pension funds), and so on. At the other extreme in terms of income – those whose pensions do not exceed 6-7 thousand rubles, elderly people from the regions of the Central Federal district (Kostroma, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Vladimir region). That’s who would be worth a targeted help! If we turn to the topic of drugs, so powerfully expressed in the appeal to the Prime Minister of the Sultan Khamzayev, here is a caveat: certain categories of pensioners are provided with free medications. Need to figure out who is not available.

In General, the Public chamber gave ample food for thought. While this puzzle does not add up, and the chance for a different outcome is not enough.

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