For the First, the Second and the third. A year after the super bid of 233’000 Swiss francs for the Zuger mark “SG 10” on Sunday, the Sensation: A man offers a whopping 350’000 Swiss francs for the license plate “TI 7851”. A new record!

Noteworthy: The super bid tops a bid of just 3400 Swiss francs. Hardly offered, you will notice, the tenderer, as tax him with the Ticino license plate is coming, and panic. The pensioners wanted to enter 3500 Swiss francs in the Online auction, with typed in the cents amount. And so his actual bid won by clicking the mouse two zeros.

The unfortunate bidder comes with a fine of

After a sleepless night, the Swiss-German license plate collectors in the case of the traffic police in Camorino, TI logs. The officials have a View. The purchase will be cancelled, the auction of the shield on next week. Then TI 7851 will be have “” to. Safe for less. The pensioner is facilitated. He gets away with the horror and 200 francs fine.

Zug nameplate continues to hold the record

Quite serious, however, so some other indicator Fan. After the record bid of 233’000 Swiss francs for the Zug flag at the 15. February 2018, acquired the same Internet bidder, the two Zug-based indicator “SG 18” “SG 63”. For the three signs of the high-net-worth turning the pages of Unknown with Online name “Queens007” almost half a Million Swiss francs on the table (LOOK told). Previously, the bid of 160’100 Swiss francs for a mark “VS 1 held” the record.