A woman in southern Jutland did not believe the men in white plastdragter and masks were from the Danish Health and medicines authority.

A female pensioner in southern Jutland get the praise of the police to figure out the two coronaviruses-tricktyve, which subsequently took flight.

this was stated by The South Jutland Police in a press release late Wednesday night.

According to the police showed the woman a healthy scepticism, when two men in white plastdragter with blue caps and masks in this week and rang on the door and claimed that they were from the Danish Health and medicines authority.

Some citizens would, perhaps, have opened the door and welcomed the people in seen, in the light of the current situation with virussmitte. But the female pensioner left, and the conversation took place instead through a window.

The two men claimed that they came from the Danish Health and medicines authority. It is believed the woman, however, not on. And when she lifted his phone up to show, she would call the police, ran the two tricktyve from the site.

Subsequently, the oriented the woman to the police about the incident.

Vicepolitiinspektør Christian Hansen from Southern Jutland Police forebyggelsesenhed praises the woman for having done the right thing.

– Tricktyve play on, that we in Denmark generally have high trust in each other and to the authorities, after which they try to be closed into citizens ‘ homes so they can steal cash, credit cards and valuables, said Christian Hansen in the press release.

He stresses that the most important thing citizens can do to avoid tricktyverier in their home, is to be skeptical of unknown callers at the door.

– Some may think that you are rude towards a person who is pretending to be from the authorities. But it is perfectly ok to be critical and, for example, ask for identification, said vicepolitiinspektøren.